Liquid buffer failure
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Liquid Buffer Failure Requires Emergency Rescue. Don'T Waste Money!

As an auxiliary braking device, the Hydraulic Retarder’s good braking capacity has been unanimously praised by card friends. However, many card friends may be full of fog about whether to continue driving or contact the service station for emergency rescue after the hydraulic retarder fails liquid buffer failure.

Only when we know whether the hydraulic buffer fault will affect the driving of the vehicle, can card friends calmly face the impact of hydraulic buffer fault. Today, we’ll talk to card friends about whether the failure of liquid buffer will affect the driving of vehicles, so as to help card friends save the cost of emergency rescue liquid buffer failure.

There Are Many Modified Items Of Hydraulic Buffer, And The Accessories Will Not Affect The Whole Vehicle

When adding hydraulic retarder to the vehicle, its installation involves the vehicle’s circuit modification, transmission system, air circuit connection, coolant pipeline, etc., and the process is relatively complex. From these changes, it is not difficult to find that if the hydraulic retarder fails, it is basically a mechanical failure, so card friends will be more worried that under such circumstances, Whether it will affect the normal driving of the vehicle of liquid buffer failure.

The line of liquid buffer is connected from the battery and is not connected in series with the line used by the vehicle; The air intake position of the gas circuit is basically at the four circuit protection valve, which will not affect the normal gas intake of the vehicle. Therefore, if the hydraulic buffer cannot continue to work due to the failure of the gas circuit or circuit, it will not affect the normal driving of the vehicle.

When the liquid buffer works, the coolant needs to be used to cool down. The failure of the coolant pipeline will only lead to the failure of the heat energy generated by the engine water circulation in time, which will not affect the normal driving of the vehicle.

Problems with the gearbox will affect the normal use of the vehicle. However, there is no need to worry about the failure of the hydraulic retarder. There are no hard parts similar to gears in the hydraulic retarder. The internal force and reaction are mainly realized through hydraulic oil. The hydraulic retarder will not be stuck by soft connection. Therefore, even if the hydraulic retarder fails, It will not affect the use of bearing and gearbox, which means that it will not affect the normal use of the vehicle.


The Working Principle Of Liquid Buffer Is Mainly To Dissipate Heat Of Liquid Buffer Failure

The hydraulic retarder acts directly on the transmission shaft. There is a stator with blades and a rotor with blades in the working chamber of the retarder. The rotor rotates with the transmission shaft. When the retarder works, the ECU controls the opening of the proportional valve to inject the gas from the whole vehicle into the retarder oil pool shell, and the gas will inject the oil pressure of the retarder into the working chamber (the greater the air pressure, the more oil will enter the working chamber) of Liquid buffer failure

In short, it is to convert the kinetic energy of the vehicle into the heat energy of the engine water cycle, and radiate it into the atmosphere through the engine heat dissipation system, so as to realize the constant speed and slow speed of the vehicle, improve the driving safety of the vehicle, reduce the wear of the main brake and prolong the service life of the tire.


Although the failure of the liquid buffer will not affect the normal driving of card friends, card friends should also pay attention to the maintenance of the liquid buffer and appropriate operation to use the liquid buffer.

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