When "Lightweight" Meets The Embarrassment Of "Overload"
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When "Lightweight" Meets The Embarrassment Of "Overload" And Disconnection Before Sales

As the main product of Shaanxi Automobile in 2010, Delong f3000 has spent a lot of effort in publicity and promotion. But it is such a popular model that has brought many disputes. The truck Home Forum netizen “Baoding Delong” sent a post “newly bought Delong f3000, the frame broke in less than three months”. What is the reason? Let’s take a look at the pictures uploaded by netizens first.

From the picture, we can clearly see that the frame has been bent and broken when the rivets are out. Another detail deserves our attention. The tires of the car have been seriously worn. These details also make many netizens question the service condition of the car.

The owner’s answer also confirmed the doubts of netizens. The total weight of the car reached 70 tons. Although there is no specific description of the use, the road condition should not be very good. In addition, in the owner’s answer, the concept of “lightweight” has been mentioned many times. However, it is obvious that there are great misunderstandings in his understanding of lightweight.

What Is "Lightweight"?

“Lightweight” is a popular word in the field of heavy trucks after the state has strengthened overload control. Its meaning is well understood. It is to reduce the body weight by adopting new materials or structures, so that the vehicle can load more goods under a certain total weight. Manufacturers must go through strict strength verification before launching lightweight models, and the design reference standard is standard load condition.

Responsibility Analysis Of Car Buyers

Indeed, before, the overload capacity of domestic heavy trucks was indeed very strong, especially several brands such as Shaanxi Automobile, which were particularly prominent in this regard. Many car owners have the thinking inertia that Shaanxi Automobile’s cars can overload. From the words of the netizen, we can imagine that the impression of Shaanxi Automobile heavy trucks in the user’s heart is that they have super overload capacity.

The lightweight vehicle itself has certain limitations in use. It is only suitable for use under standard load and good road conditions. The total weight of this vehicle is up to 70 tons, which has greatly exceeded the design bearing capacity of, which is also the most direct cause of the accident.

Responsibility Analysis Of Car Sellers

But it is obviously inappropriate to leave the responsibility to the car owner. We still need to ask the car seller again.

Lightweight models can pull more goods under standard load, which has also become a gimmick for many manufacturers to promote their products. However, blindly promote the concept of “lightweight”. As car sellers, have you considered the actual needs of car buyers?

The technical development of domestic trucks is advancing by leaps and bounds. The application of new technologies makes many truck drivers unable to fully understand the performance and precautions of the vehicle for the time being. But most of the time, the person selling the car doesn’t have much understanding of the car. What happens when he introduces the product to a customer who doesn’t understand it? The manufacturer’s pre-sales training for sales personnel and users has been seriously divorced from the rapid upgrading of products.

If the manufacturer’s training for the dealer’s sales personnel and truck drivers is not in place, there will be this “catch-up trend” regardless of the actual demand.

Lightweight Doubt

The expert of truck House Forum “Haste makes waste” also made a specific analysis of this situation. The following is his reply:

If you don’t know how to keep a car, it can even ruin your family. This seems to have become a fact. Who is lighter than the manufacturers in China? Is this interesting? The light weight of less leaf spring is based on the condition that the road condition is good and the load does not exceed the standard load. Most of the time, when you buy a car, you think about how much you can earn a year with less than a few hundred kilograms! In fact, this is very simple:

1. By thinning the steel plate on the cab structure, your cab may save 100-200 kg,

2. Turning the gearbox into an all aluminum alloy shell can save about 150 kg,

3. Replacing the girder with a single layer can save hundreds of kilograms,

4. If you change the bridge with low load weight (the same appearance), it may reduce about 50-80kg,

5. Turning the cast steel bridge into a stamping bridge can reduce you by about 100 kg.

Then, if overdrive + small speed ratio drive axle is also selected, an engine with medium torque is equipped.

May I ask if this car can be used to pull heavy loads? Does this car have to save fuel? Must this car be safe? Can this car hold you?

When taking “lightweight” as the selling point, have the salespeople considered the above problems for users?


In order to occupy more markets, all kinds of new technologies and new concepts are regarded as selling points and are fried hot. This matter reminds us in time that for truck users, what is practical is a really good car! Therefore, car sellers need to consider who these new technologies are suitable for? Car buyers also need to know whether these technologies are really useful to you?

The gradual development of the market also puts forward higher requirements for truck service. Perfect service should include all aspects of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales. The disconnection of pre-sales service highlights many problems. When problems arise, users are often the first victims. We also hope that the manufacturer can strengthen the pre-sales, so that users can avoid detours when using.

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