And Quality Maintenance Of Light Truck Tires
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Two Factors Affecting The Premature Damage And Quality Maintenance Of Light Truck Tires

n recent days, the reporter has paid continuous attention to the tire problems of Futian light truck and other vehicles, and the social response is relatively strong. On the 9th, the owners of Kaima automobile, Jinbei light truck and Jianghuai good luck light truck reported that they also encountered the problem of early tire damage.

Mr. Liu, the owner of Kaima van, said: “In February this year, I bought a Kaima car as a transport vehicle for the moving company. The new car had just run more than 10000 kilometers, and one front wheel had a flat tire. Because it had been out of the three-month warranty period, I had to spend 500 yuan to buy a new tire. Later, I took out the spare tire and found that the side of the tire had been wrapped up. I had to stop it because I was worried about another flat tire.”

Mr. Song’s Jinbei light truck was bought in March last year. After driving more than 7000 kilometers for four months, one tire was bagged and can no longer be used. He said: “I found the 4S store, but the other party didn’t deal with it on the grounds that it was out of the warranty period. I think it’s unreasonable for the merchant to ignore the early damage caused by the quality problem.” Citizen Mr. Wang also reported that he bought a golden cup car last April and recently found that both tires had fist sized bags.

The owner Mr. Wang bought a Jianghuai good luck truck. He told reporters: “after buying the car in March this year, he drove only more than 10000 kilometers, and the tire cracked. The original tire is too bad. I think there is a quality problem.”

For the early damage of tires, Mr. Fu, service manager of Futian light truck Shandong region, said that the early damage of tires does not rule out the existence of quality problems, and the merchants will bear the responsibility during the warranty period. But more often, similar problems are caused by vehicle overload or road conditions. In order to prevent early tire damage, the driver should avoid overloading and go to a regular repair shop for vehicle maintenance on time.

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