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It Hurts To Repair Once. Jumping A Pound Hurts These Parts Too Much

After charging by axle, some overloaded vehicles choose to jump on the high-speed. The money is earned, but the car is very uncomfortable. Today’s truck encyclopedia, let’s talk about the harm of jumping pounds to vehicles.

Overload Will Jumping A Pound

The reason for jumping is that the vehicle is overloaded and needs to be weighed by jumping and dragging. “Overloading”, “jumping” and “towing” have become the three culprits of damaging vehicles of jumping a pound .

For the purpose of economy, the truck we drive will balance the dead weight, fuel consumption, bearing capacity, cost and service life of the vehicle as much as possible. During the design, the production and manufacturing standards will be determined according to the total mass and nuclear load mass required by laws and regulations jumping a pound .

In other words, vehicles have use scenarios and methods. If you use light truck and micro card to run the card, or do not play cards according to the routine, the vehicle damage is inevitable of jumping a pound .

These Parts Are Very Injured

The overloaded car itself is in a heavy load state. Thank God if it can drive smoothly. However, it also jumps when weighing, and the axle, vehicle leaf spring, vehicle wheel end bearing and attached brake air chamber are “smashed”. It is an inevitable phenomenon that the chassis is loose and metal fatigue of jumping a pound .

High Pressure On Engine And Transmission Support

The engine and transmission are fixed by rubber buffer support, and the service life of rubber products is limited. Excessive vibration will lead to early aging of rubber, increase of vehicle abnormal noise and vibration, and poor comfort of jumping a pound .

The transmission is relatively precise, and excessive vibration may inevitably lead to problems. There are not a few problems with the “jump” of the transmission shift mechanism of the vehicle. In addition, jumping pounds requires a sharp start. If it is too many times or not well controlled, it is easy to burn and wear the clutch, and it is also easy to become a short-lived ghost. The most exaggerated thing is to tear the clutch on the spot of jumping a pound .

"Quality Test" Of Transmission Shaft, Half Shaft And Rear Axle Gear

Still in the stage of “jumping” in a sudden start, the transmission shaft, half shaft and rear axle gear all bear great torque in an instant, and the transmission shaft jumps and the rear axle gear is broken everywhere. Do you think the quality of the car is bad?

The Saddle Is Hard To Say

The saddle of the new national standard has been changed from 90# to 50# in order to reduce overload. Pulling the overloaded trailer and jumping a few times, the saddle is hard to say.

The Tire Is Hurt

The tire needs to bear great pressure in the process of jumping and dragging. The driving wheel needs to start hard and drag continuously, resulting in increased wear.

The driven wheel of the trailer is even more uncomfortable. In the process of towing, it is locked, hard friction is over, and the wear is particularly huge. The slightly aged tire tread is directly separated and directly scrapped.

The Driver Was Hurt

Some drivers didn’t operate well when jumping pounds. The car suddenly lifted its head. The things in the car were shaking in a mess. Some hit the driver, and some hit the interior of the car. They were very embarrassed.


Jumping pounds comes from overload. Overload makes more money. When you use the more money to repair the car and add the loss of shutdown, you don’t make much more money. Legal transportation, law-abiding and making money are desirable.

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