Engine Fails During The Running In Period Of Jiefang Truck?
In Case Of Engine Failure, The Owner Questioned The Manufacturer’S Handling Methods
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What If The Engine Fails During The Running In Period Of Jiefang Truck?

The problems reflected by these two consumers may not be a big problem, but the manufacturer’s attitude and practices are difficult for consumers to accept. An excellent brand is not only reflected in the product quality itself, but also in the after-sales service of products and the manufacturer’s attitude towards consumers in case of problems. As two well-known brands with certain influence in the market, I hope the manufacturer can actively deal with and respond to the doubts of consumers.

Recently, Mr. Bian, a consumer in Jurong City, reported to this newspaper that he bought a 10 ton Jiefang Truck at the FAW Jiefang Truck franchise store in Danyang on September 1, mainly for grain transportation. On October 13, the driver found that the engine of the car made abnormal noise on the way, and the noise became louder and louder from the beginning. Mr. Bian questioned the quality of the new car.

Consumer: During The Running In Period, The Engine Makes A "Knocking Sound"

“I run a grain station. The reason why I chose to buy FAW Jiefang Truck at the beginning was that I took a fancy to this first brand of trucks in China. I didn’t expect that the engine of the vehicle had serious problems after buying the car for more than a month.” Mr. Bian said that the FAW Jiefang Truck had only traveled 7500km and was still in the running in period. When the driver found that there was a “cylinder knocking sound” inside the engine, he immediately contacted the Nanjing Jiangning service station authorized by the Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory of FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. and the maintenance personnel rushed to the scene and asked to disassemble the engine for inspection. However, Mr. Bian believes that the engine is the core component of the vehicle, not to mention a new car. It should not be disassembled without the permission of the manufacturer.

Wang webmaster of the service station said that in order to understand the specific faults of the vehicle, relevant tests must be carried out. If there is a problem with the engine block, he will call the manufacturer to explain the situation. If the consumer does not agree with the test, the maintenance station cannot carry out the next procedure. “Jiefang Truck is an old brand after all, and its quality and reputation have been good. However, if it is determined that it is a quality problem, the manufacturer will repair or replace parts for customers free of charge.” Stationmaster Wang also stressed that according to the regulations, the manufacturer implements “Three Guarantees” for vulnerable parts during the warranty period, and the engine has metal “knocking sound”. If it is a human use factor, the manufacturer will not settle the claim, but if it is a product quality problem, the engine can be replaced free of charge.

Maintenance Station: Report To The Manufacturer Before Issuing The Test Report

Yesterday, Mr. Bian said that he took the initiative to contact the Nanjing base of Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory. Manager Shi, the person in charge, said that he had fed back the situation to the manufacturer and contacted Nanjing Tianji automobile maintenance station to test its vehicles. Station master Cao of the maintenance station said that the abnormal noise of the engine was caused by the loose piston rod in the engine, which caused the crankshaft to burn and the piston to pull the cylinder, The specific test report shall be issued after reporting to the manufacturer.

“I can’t understand that the engine of the new car should be overhauled. The quality of Jiefang Truck is really disappointing. I ask for a new engine.” Mr. Bian told reporters that the new car he bought with more than 100000 yuan had such problems in just one month, which not only inconvenienced the transportation of grain stations, but also questioned the product quality of FAW liberation. Chen Gong, an auto repair expert, said that “cylinder knocking” or even “cylinder pulling” will usually occur due to poor performance of the piston or improper selection of the gap between the piston and the cylinder wall, while crankshaft fracture is a serious mechanical failure of the engine. The specific situation should be determined according to the actual situation of the vehicle.

Industry insiders believe that cars are high-value goods, and consumers have high requirements for after-sales service. For vehicle failures, especially new cars still in the running in period, if manufacturers fail to give consumers satisfactory solutions, it is easy to have consumer disputes. Therefore, Jiefang Truck, as the leader of the domestic truck market, should abide by the goal of “one liberation and one service” and maintain the good reputation of consumers with high-quality and humanized services. Reporter He Feng

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“Liberation” is the first automobile brand in China. On July 15, 1956, the first Jiefang medium truck was born, which changed the history that China could not make cars. In the evaluation of China’s most valuable brands in 2001, 2002 and 2003, the brand value of “liberation” was rated as RMB 6.059 billion, RMB 9.335 billion and RMB 10.762 billion respectively, with an increase of 54% and 15.29% respectively, ranking first in the domestic truck manufacturing industry. In 2004, “liberation” continued to maintain great success in the market: 198425 medium and heavy trucks were sold in the market, with a market share of 35.6%, winning the “seventh consecutive title”; The brand value is up to 11.205 billion yuan, ranking first in China’s truck manufacturing industry. In 2006, Jiefang Truck took the lead again in market share, total sales volume of medium and heavy trucks and sales volume of heavy trucks.

In 2007, the “Jiefang brand” truck produced by FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. won the title of “China famous brand”.

It should be said that as the oldest brand in the history of new China’s automobile industry, the brand with the largest number of cars owned by China’s own brand, and the brand that once created the first sales volume of medium and heavy trucks in the world, Jiefang Truck is well deserved to become a famous brand in China.

Facing this automobile brand with many honors, customers are somewhat disappointed that they do not get the due after-sales service quality after they encounter problems in the process of using trucks. No wonder customers are dissatisfied.

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