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The Old Driver Tells You How To Maintain The J6p

Jiefang j6p pilot version is mainly based on Xichai Aowei ca6dm engine, taking the lead in launching the first maintenance within 60000 km and the second maintenance after driving 100000 km in the industry. After three years of development and the reduction of maintenance costs, it must be experienced by old drivers. However, there are still some card friends who have just bought a car and don’t know how to maintain their car. Today, I’ll comb it for you here for your convenience of J6p

The Old Driver Tells You How To Maintain The J6p

First, register 2500 ~ 6000 km before the first maintenance and replace the steering oil of J6p.

Precautions During Running In Period

1. During the first 200 km of the running in period, the vehicle must be driven empty and shall not be loaded;

2. The loading capacity shall not exceed 70% of the rated load mass within 1500 km;

3. The driving mileage is 1500 ~ 2500 km, which can be increased to 90% of the rated load capacity;

4. During the running in period, the driving mileage is within 1000 km, and the maximum engine speed shall not exceed 1500 R / min.

After completing the registration before the first maintenance, the next step is to do the first maintenance between 50000 ~ 60000 kilometers. During the first maintenance, the replacement of engine oil, filter and gear oil (including gearbox and axle oil) is free. The replacement of other filter elements requires card friends to pay for themselves, such as diesel filter element and air filter element.

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Precautions Before First Maintenance of J6p

1. During the running in period of the new car, the engine oil consumption is relatively high. Pay attention to check the oil quantity. Generally, it may be necessary to add oil at the left rear of 30000 km;

2. The fuel used shall be clean and clean. Generally, the diesel filter element shall be replaced once after driving about 30000 km to prevent the oil circuit from being blocked by too many impurities in the filter element, which will cause ignition difficulties.

3. When doing the first service before the new car reaches 60000 km, card friends often ignore the replacement of rotor filter element. Here’s a reminder, but replacing rotor filter element parts and working hours requires card friends to pay for themselves.

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Precautions For Fixed Warranty

1. Oil

Oil filter element and rotor filter element. It is stipulated that the engine should be replaced once every 100000 km. Card friends often cherish the engine and most of them will replace it when driving 80000 km;

2. Diesel filter element

The manufacturer suggested that it be replaced within 30000 km, which is basically consistent with the actual situation. Most card friends also replaced within this mileage.

3. Gear oil

That is, transmission oil and axle oil. According to the regulations, it is also replaced once every 100000 km, but according to the actual understanding, most card users will replace it every 120000 km.

4. Antifreeze

The antifreeze is also required to be replaced within 100000 km or once a year. However, kayou does not pay much attention to the replacement of antifreeze. Generally, it will choose to replace it when it sees deterioration or pollution.

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5. Steering oil

Remember to replace it together with the filter element. It is not required to replace it forcibly for a long time. Remind card users to add enough oil and water when changing the steering oil, so as to prevent some faults in the steering system when the oil is insufficient, such as heavy steering and abnormal noise when turning the steering wheel of J6p.

6. Kangmai wheel hub

This is maintenance free for 500000 km. Card friends usually pay attention to observation to prevent oil leakage due to poor sealing. However, when water enters and the oil color turns white, it should be considered that the oil has deteriorated and needs to be replaced of J6p.

Other Precautions

1. Jiefang long-acting super diesel engine oil, viscosity grade 10w-40, ambient temperature – 25 ℃ ~ 40 ℃. For more than three months in a year, the oil change interval shall be halved in dusty areas, mountainous areas, alpine areas (ambient temperature is lower than – 20 ℃), or when the average fuel consumption of the whole vehicle is higher than 50L / 100km.

Finally, let’s talk about the selection of fuel and urea.

1. Diesel

It is best to refuel at a regular gas station. Diesel oil in line with the local temperature should be selected in cold areas.

2. Urea solution

Generally, aqueous urea solution with urea concentration of 32.5% and solvent of ultrapure water is selected. Be sure to choose urea solution that meets the standard, or it is forbidden to add purified water to the urea solution, so as not to cause engine failure.

Well, that’s all for the vehicle maintenance this time. It’s a trend to replace maintenance with maintenance. It’s not uncommon that there is no overhaul for millions of kilometers. The development of the automobile aftermarket is destined to be dominated by the maintenance station, but maintenance is gradually reduced to become an auxiliary role.

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