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Maintenance Experience: Brother Jun Talks About How To Replace Iveco Timing Belt

In Iveco, the timing belt replacement is the most common product, and it is also the most basic job to repair Iveco, because the belt is replaced every 50000 km.

From the 153 teeth of the earliest old 2.5 engine to the 154 teeth of the improved 2.8, the 152 teeth of the country 3, the 153 teeth of the 2.499 displacement of the country 3, and the 152 teeth of the SOFIM country 4 up to now, what remains unchanged is that the pulley fastening screw rod still needs 36 sleeves.

The old Iveco 2.5 displacement and 2.8 displacement are commonly known as high-pressure pumps. The difference is the number of belt teeth, 153 teeth for 2.5 and 154 teeth for 2.8. The same place is that the guide pulley of timing toothed belt is still the same size.

However, when we arrived at the first batch of EFI in country 3, that is, the electric driven pump with 152 teeth in the timing toothed belt. This car is also the Iveco of EFI. The guide wheel of the timing toothed belt is one large and one small. There is a small guide wheel under the water pump. The guide wheel on the cylinder head is still the same as that of the old Iveco, because the gear in the middle of this Iveco, that is, the gear of the accessory box, has been improved, It is smaller than that of the high-pressure pump, but when it comes to the improved new model of national 3, that is, the two high-pressure oil pipes, without electric pumps below, and the oil pump above, this Iveco has 153 teeth. It can be found that the gear of this Iveco accessory box is the same size as that of the old Iveco, but the timing belt guide pulley is still larger and smaller. When it comes to SOFIM national 4, it has 152 teeth, You can open it. It’s the same as the earliest EFI.

From the first batch of IVECO with 2.5 or 2.8 displacement, 153 teeth or 154 teeth, crankshaft gear, intermediate oil pump gear, that is, accessory box gear, and camshaft gear on the cylinder head, these three gears have their own marks, that is, timing marks. The stability of crankshaft gear is downward, that is, the gear key is upward, and there is a mark behind the gear plate of camshaft, That is, align the scale on the valve cover. There are 5 holes on the gear of the accessory case, and there is also a hole on the front cover of the accessory case. The hole in the gear is the timing mark of the oil pump gear.

When we arrived at Iveco of national 3 EFI, because the common rail oil pump driven by the gear of the intermediate accessory box does not need to be aligned, because the timing is corrected by computer, but the marks of crankshaft gear and camshaft gear are the same as the original Iveco, and we have to find the marks. Otherwise, there will be many problems due to inaccurate valve timing. Iveco in country 2 has incorrect valve timing. When starting the car, the machine sounds disorderly, like a large valve clearance. However, when we arrive at Iveco in country 3, the valve timing is incorrect, which not only makes the machine sound ugly, but also makes it difficult to start the car, and the fault light flashes. Vehicle in country 2 has to consider not only the valve timing, but also the ignition timing, The ignition time is too late, it is difficult to start the car, black smoke, weak acceleration, premature, knocking on the cylinder, rapid acceleration, rattling, high temperature.

When replacing the timing belt, clamp the 36 sleeve and sliding rod directly on the left girder, drive with the starter, and use the turning force to easily loosen the fixing screw of the pulley fastening 36, remove the pulley, remove the upper and lower plastic housing cover of the timing gauge housing, then screw the 36 screw rod on the crankshaft, pad a screw cap screwed by 18 wrench under the screw, and rotate the crankshaft, Then look at the timing mark. The stability of the crankshaft is downward. The hole of the oil pump is hole-to-hole. Do not look at the valve cover for the camshaft. Just make a mark. Then loosen the nut of the 16 wrench fixing the tensioner below, pull the belt outward by hand, push the tensioner back, and tighten the nut of the tensioner, so that the belt can be easily removed.

Country 3 EFI doesn’t need to see the mark of the middle accessory box, but country 2 must pay attention to it. When you take off the belt, look at the mark of the original middle accessory box. Some cars are different from the mark. You must have a tooth earlier. How to disassemble it and how to assemble it now. Don’t think about why. There is no way to explain.


When replacing the belt, it is better to replace all the tensioning wheels, because it is not a matter of money, but the normal use of the belt. When installing the belt, first install the lower tensioning wheels, install the gaskets without pulling, then push the tensioner to the bottom, use a large screwdriver or sled rod to remove the upper guide wheel, move down from the camshaft to the lower guide wheel and crankshaft gear, Then go around the middle accessory box gear, and finally install the upper guide wheel. You can easily push the guide wheel in by hand. If you can’t push it in, you can pry the camshaft with a screwdriver and move forward slightly, depending on the situation.

After installation, loosen the lower tensioner screw, pry the tensioner from behind the water pump, tighten the nut of 16 wrench by hand, and check whether the upper guide wheel fixing screw is fastened. Rotate the crankshaft, check the mark, confirm that there is no problem, and start reinstallation.

During the assembly and recovery process, do not drop a screw. The big nut is tight and the tensioner screw is tightened. The copper pad in front of the preheating oil return pipe is smoothed with fine sandpaper, and the oil return pipe is tightened. If a small inadvertent detail goes wrong, it will bring a lot of trouble to others. It needs to be taken into account. Tighten the preheating fuel hose and hold the plastic pipe with your hand, If you habitually use excessive force, the pipe will break as soon as it rotates. If the customer is not ready to pay, you will complain about the loss. You need to tighten every screw yourself.


Proud to disassemble and remove the front water tank. For Baodi, the imitation Jinlong, there is no need to get the water tank. Baodi disassembles the lower guardrail and makes a special sleeve to remove the belt pulley, so as to save labor and time.

The methods are slowly developed by yourself. There is no unique secret script. If you do more, there will be more methods. Choose tools reasonably and don’t forget to install fewer parts.

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