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Many car owners often talk about glass water when chatting: can tap water be used instead? Today, Xiaobian will talk about glass water.

What we call glass water is also called wiper. At present, most domestic automobile manufacturers have no clear requirements for the wiper used.

But in the actual car use, from the perspective of loving the car, we still need to pay attention to it.


For the choice of glass water or self-made, it is nothing more than the following:

  1. Add a little detergent into tap water (drinking water) to use as glass water;
  2. Directly use tap water (or drinking water) instead of glass water;
  3. Buy professional glass water.

We know that plastic pipes and water jets will pass through. Most of the general tap water is hard or contains impurities.

If it is used for a long time, there will be precipitation and dirt, which may block the pipeline and damage the wiper blade.

Of course, the local tyrant’s friends will solve the problem of pipe blockage with drinking water, but after a long time, we will find that the transparency of the front windshield is poor, indicating that the drinking water does not have a good cleaning function.

What about detergent? Add ordinary detergent to solve the cleaning, of course, there is no problem.

However, we know that most detergents are alkaline. Over time, they will cause premature aging of plastic pipes and wiper blades.

In addition, the above-mentioned 1 and 2 kinds of glass water still lack anti freezing function. Although it is unlikely to freeze in Guizhou, who knows?

Therefore, whether from an economic point of view or a practical point of view, special wipers can still be considered for purchase.

Is it really OK for tap water to act as wiper? The problem needs attention

Let’s talk about some small problems needing attention in purchasing:

  1. There are solid and liquid glass water on the market. The solid can be used with drinking water and the liquid can be used directly (now there are also concentrated ones, which can be used with water).
  2. Not too expensive. For example, on a treasure, the price of liquid 2L glass water is generally 10-20 yuan, and the most expensive will not exceed 50 yuan.
  3. Antifreeze index is generally divided into three types: 0 ℃, – 25 ℃ and – 42 ℃. Just choose one as needed.
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