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Introduction of heavy truck gearbox

Introduction to Gearbox

Sinotruk’s new gearbox is a new structure gearbox developed by China heavy truck group company by absorbing the advanced technology of mature gearbox at home and abroad, which has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable performance and low failure rate.

The gearbox is divided into 9 gears and 16 gears, a total of 24 variants, according to the clutch separation method is divided into push type and pull type two;According to the gearbox control mechanism is divided into single rod and double rod two kinds, in which the single rod is used for shift straight pull rod operation, double rod for soft shaft operation;

According to the output flange is divided into 165 flat Φ and Φ 180 end tooth two;According to whether there is a force extractor is divided into force extractor with and without force extractor two.

The transmission consists of a front-facing 5-speed main transmission and a rear-mounted secondary transmission.

The main transmission adopts double shaft structure, the auxiliary transmission adopts planetary gear mechanism, the main transmission is manually operated, and the auxiliary transmission is pneumatic operated, with 9 forward gears and 1 reverse gears.In the main transmission, one shaft (input shaft) and one shaft gear are connected by splines (see Figure 1), and two shafts (main shaft) are connected.

Transmission assembly

The main box of the gearbox adopts sliding meshing sleeve for shifting, and the auxiliary box adopts the internationally popular lock ring synchronizer.

The synchronizing ring of the synchronizer adopts the form of steel-based molybdenum spray, which has the characteristics of large friction force and long service life.

A 16-gear transmission is a differential transmission added at the front end of the gearbox, which is equivalent to adding a two-gear front auxiliary transmission.There is a preselective valve handle on the gearbox shift ball head.

Press or lift the preselective valve handle according to the road conditions before shifting, and then step on a foot to clutch, then you can change to the corresponding gear.With a 16-speed transmission, the engine can easily work in the low fuel consumption area.

Howo Transmission Parts

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