You Should "Three Inspections And Four Inspections"
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Your Car Needs Careful Maintenance. You Should "Three Inspections And Four Inspections" Every Day

If the normal inspection is not in place, it will often cause abnormal damage to vehicle parts, and even lead to serious accidents. Which parts should we check at ordinary times and how to judge whether these parts are normal of inspections?

What Is "Three Inspections And Four Checks"?

Three inspections: refers to the inspection of all parts of the vehicle before departure, during driving and after receiving of inspections.

Inspection: refers to the inspection of vehicle engine and chassis; The driver’s cab, vehicle appearance and driving shall be inspected in detail by means of vehicle observation, smell, sound and temperature. There are four methods of “looking, smelling, listening and cutting” in traditional Chinese medicine.

Knowing when and how to check all parts of the vehicle, Xiaobian will take you to check your car step by step.

Inspection Of Engine And Chassis

Water Tank, Water Pump, Water Pipe, Water Plug

Check whether there is water leakage in the water tank, water pump, water pipe, water plug, pipeline and pipeline connection; Whether the water pipe is aged and worn, and whether the fastening at both ends of the water pipe is loose.

Inspection Of Generator And Starter

Check whether the screws on the generator and starter are missing or loose, and whether the line connection is effective and reliable, exposed or aging. If it is found, it shall be fastened or wrapped immediately, and the aging line shall be replaced in time.

Cooling Water Volume And Temperature

Ensure sufficient coolant in the engine. Its normal temperature should be between 80 ~ 90 degrees. It should be observed at any time when the vehicle is running. Xiaobian suggested that you card friends had better use the same specification of antifreeze.

Oil Quantity, Viscosity And Color

Oil is known as the “blood” of automobile, which plays a role in engine lubrication, cleaning, sealing and wear reduction. Through the observation of oil, we can intuitively understand the “health” of engine. The oil quantity should be between the upper and lower scales of the oil scale. Too much or too little is not good. At the same time, the color of the oil is observed. After being used for a period of time, the oil will turn black, showing milky white and foaming. For oil viscosity, many drivers judge it by looking at its flow speed. In fact, this is unscientific and needs to be measured by viscometer. The engine oil must be replaced according to the mileage specified by the manufacturer.

Battery Inspection

Check whether the outside of the battery is clean, whether there is electrolyte leakage, whether there is bulge, whether the connection of each line is firm, and whether the temperature of the battery is too high by hand. When adding electrolyte, it shall be controlled within the upper and lower scale lines.

Belt, Fan

For the inspection of the engine without tensioning wheel, it is necessary to check whether there is crack and aging on the belt. The tightness should be 10mm ~ 15mm pressed by the thumb with a force of 40n ~ 50N. If there is a tensioning pulley, just check the belt for cracks and aging. Check the fan for broken blades or damage.

Steering Tie Rod Ball Joint

In the company where Xiaobian worked before, because some drivers failed to check the ball head of the horizontal and straight tie rod in place, and the ball head of the horizontal and straight tie rod fell off during the movement, resulting in serious traffic accidents, the inspection of this position should be focused on checking whether the lubrication is good, whether there is looseness and deformation, whether there is a cotter pin on each fastening nut, and confirm its effectiveness.

Inspection Of Steering Wheel

When the steering wheel is turned left and right, the steering wheel does not deflect. This idle angle is called the steering wheel free travel or swimming clearance. This angle should be between 10 and 15 degrees.

Clutch Assembly, Slave Cylinder And Slave Cylinder Push Rod, Clutch Bearing

Daily check whether each part of the clutch has oil and air leakage, and the addition of clutch hydraulic oil should be kept between the upper limit and the lower limit. The clutch release bearing should make no abnormal noise when the pedal is pressed and lifted.

Inspection Of Transmission Shaft And Tire

Check the large nut of the transmission shaft, screws at various positions, half shaft screws, tire screws and other parts, focus on whether the screws at the connection are short and loose, and fasten or replace the problems found in time. Know the tire pressure and wear every day. Remove the stones, abnormal wear and cracks on the tire, find out the causes and eliminate them. Check the brake drum and wheel hub for cracks and oil rejection.

Leaf Spring, U-Shaped Screw, Leaf Lifting Lug

Check whether there are cracks at each position of leaf spring, U-shaped screw and steel plate lifting lug, whether the screws of U-shaped screw are fastened reliably, whether the steel plate is misaligned, whether the disturbance is normal and whether it is loose.

Parking Brake, Brake Pipeline, Brake Valve, Air Reservoir

Check whether there is air leakage at the connection of each component and pipeline, and whether the pipeline is aging and cracked. Waterproof the air reservoir is a daily work. If any problem is found, it should be replaced immediately and the problem should be found.


Inspection Of Gearbox And Axle

Check whether the bolts are loose, whether various pipelines are intact, whether there are oil leaks and cracks outside the gearbox and axle, and pay attention to whether there is abnormal noise during driving.

Inspection Of Vehicle Appearance

Windshield, Mirror And Mirror Bracket

When small cracks appear on the glass, they should be handled in time. For the film sandwiched glass, Xiaobian has seen many front windshield cracks treated by drilling, which can effectively prevent the glass from cracking after cracks. The mirror surface of the rear-view mirror shall be kept clean at any time without fracture. Whether the fastening of the bracket screws is effective. If it is adjusted, the use force shall be moderate, and the bracket shall not be deformed.

Cab, Body And Guard Rail

The appearance of cab and vehicle body shall be clean at any time. Pay attention to whether there is paint falling, damage, deformation, etc. due to scraping. Whether the compartment door is closed tightly and flexibly. If it is a van, observe whether there is water leakage in the cargo compartment. If any problem is found, it should be repaired immediately to ensure the integrity of the transported goods. China has strict requirements for the installation of vehicle side and rear guard rails, which should be kept intact and effective.

License Plate, Lamps

The vehicle number plate directly displays the information of the vehicle. The traffic control department has a severe punishment for the defacement of the license plate and deliberately blocking the number plate. When the license plate is cleaned at ordinary times, the driving also has a responsibility and is exempted from unnecessary punishment. The lamp is the eye and information display of the vehicle. By turning on the headlights at night, we can clearly observe the road surface. If you want to turn or brake, it can be directly displayed by the lights. Other vehicles can also understand your intention, so as to reduce the occurrence of accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of lamps.

Oil Tank, Oil Tank Cover, Oil Quantity

The fuel is directly linked to our wallet. Usually, check whether there is leakage on the surface of the fuel tank and whether the fuel tank cover is intact and effective. Whether the fuel quantity is enough for our operation route.

Inspection In Cab

Combination Switch And Instrument

The switches on the bridge control the opening and closing of various electrical appliances of the vehicle, ensure their effectiveness, and replace the switches in time in case of damage or failure. During normal driving, observe various instruments and indicators on the instrument panel to see if they are abnormal or do not work. If they are found, they should be repaired and replaced in time, because they directly reflect the working conditions of various parts of the vehicle.

Cab Door, Window Regulator Switch, Seat And Safety Belt

Ensure that the cab door is opened normally, there is no water leakage after being closed, and the window regulator switch is reliable and effective. Seat and safety belt are directly related to driving comfort. Pay attention to whether the seat is damaged and comfortable. Safety belt is related to life safety. Be sure to ensure its effectiveness.

Inspection During Driving

For the inspection of the vehicle during driving, we can inspect the vehicle through simple observation.

1. Look at the instrument – look

Observe all instruments of the vehicle through “Wang”. The water temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, voltmeter, barometer, etc. have a normal range, Ensure that all pointers are within this range (water temperature: 80-90 ℃; oil pressure: About 0.2MPa at idle speed and about 0.4MPa at high speed of engine (different engines, subject to the manufacturer’s instructions); voltmeter: About 24V; barometer: ensure that it is in the “green area” of the instrument Within the range, too large or too small is not good). Observe the body and tires through the rearview mirror at any time to prevent accidents.

2. Smell – smell

When the vehicle is running normally, there should be no peculiar smell. If you smell the peculiar smell of the vehicle, you should stop immediately for inspection. If you smell diesel, there may be oil leakage in the pipeline; The smell of burning odor may be a short circuit, which requires more observation at ordinary times.

3. Listen – Listen

When the parts of the vehicle fail, they often appear together with the sound. If you hear abnormal noise during driving, you should stop in time for inspection to avoid greater losses. You can also use the “listening” method when repairing the car.

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