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Inspection Items for First Level Maintenance of Trucks

(1) Check the oil filter, fuel filter, air filter.

(2) Check the truck coolant level position is in line with the provisions.

How to fill the coolant correctly?

A. Do not fill the coolant too quickly, otherwise, the gas in the engine cold sleeve is not easy to be discharged, which will cause the engine water temperature to be too high during operation.

B. After filling up the coolant, stop the engine and check it once after the engine is hot until it is filled up.

c. If the intercooler of the engine is water-cooled, the bleeder valve on the water cooler must be opened when filling the coolant.

(3) Check the brake and clutch fluid level. Ensure that the brake and clutch fluid levels are between the MAX line and the MIN line on the reservoir.

(4) Check the steering booster oil tank surface is in line with the provisions of the system to check whether the oil pipe interface oil leakage phenomenon.

(5) Check the battery level and glass detergent tank level.

(6) Check the generator, air conditioning, pumps and booster pump belt tension and aging

(7) Check the truck front and rear lights are complete (including: headlights, depending on the lights, turn signals, brake lights, reversing lights and fog lights).

(8) Check the truck tire pressure and wear, tighten the tire according to the provisions of the torque screw, tire pressure added to the provisions of the model, according to the wear and tear of the tire transposition.

(9) Check whether the vehicle exhaust emissions compliance.

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