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The netizen “lycyl” shared a lot of his driving experience with you before, which is more practical for the majority of truck drivers. Recently, his car failed to start the engine after changing the oil three filters. He shared with you some small experience of inspection and maintenance at that time. If someone encounters similar situations in the future, you can use it for reference of inferior products.

At that time, after changing the engine oil and three filters, pump the oil, exhaust and start the engine more than ten times. It doesn’t catch fire. Listening to the sound, it feels like there is no oil. At this time, it is found that the fault code 639 appears on the instrument panel. Check the fault code table in the vehicle operation manual and engine manual. If there is no such item, check the oil circuit.

When the oil drain screw of the secondary filter is loosened, there is no air at all. Consult the service station. They say that the pressure in the high-pressure oil circuit can not be reached. In this case, the fuel injector can only inject fuel after the high-pressure oil circuit reaches the working pressure for many times, and the engine can catch fire. Then start and start again, but the engine just doesn’t catch fire.

Check the oil circuit again. First, check the low-pressure oil circuit. There is no air in the vent of the primary filter and the secondary filter. There are two reverse flow valves from the secondary filter to the high-pressure oil pump. Its function is to establish a certain pressure in the low-pressure oil circuit. When the first reverse flow valve is removed, it is found that the seal is not tight, and there is air leakage when blowing with the mouth. After cleaning, the sealing function is restored, The second one is the reverse flow valve close to the high-pressure oil pump. After opening, it is found that there is a small piece of hard object at the seal between the steel ball and the pipeline. After careful inspection, it is actually the adhesive falling off at the junction of the paper core and the end cover in the filter. From the disassembly and inspection process of the two reverse flow valves, the fake Euro 3 filter is really harmful.

I would like to advise you, especially those who have an electronically controlled engine in their hands, to buy real Euro 3 filters and not to buy low-quality things cheaply. In fact, my filters don’t cost less. They are all bought at the service station. Alas – these unscrupulous service departments.


At this time, the fault code 639 on the instrument panel was still there. I thought it could be started when the fault was found, but it was not enough. From 9.30 a.m. to 2 p.m., people from the service station were helpless. A master who had worked in the service station for some time judged that it was still an oil circuit problem.

Start to check the high-pressure oil circuit and open the screws of the high-pressure oil pipe. After the pump oil, it is found that there is oil and no air at the injector end of the high-pressure oil pipe, but there is not much pressure. This is true for each cylinder. Tighten the screws of all pipe joints and start the engine again. In terms of the circuit, the technicians judged that there was no problem. At this time, the two batteries could not work, and then replace the two batteries to continue the operation.


According to the scheme given by the service station, continue to increase the pressure on the high-pressure oil circuit. After several twists and turns, it is still useless.

I’ve been wordy for so long. In fact, I just want you to see what happened. Don’t blame me.

It’s about to be solved now. How? I’m not afraid of everyone’s jokes. It’s really hoodwinked. Let’s take a picture first

Look carefully. At the front end of the high-pressure common rail, there is an oil pipe connecting screw. Loosen it gently and press the oil pump several times. A small amount of air is removed from the loosened screw, and then tighten it. At this time, the fault code 639 on the instrument panel disappears. Turn the key and start successfully.

To sum up, from the beginning, the pressure of the low-pressure oil circuit was not high. Check the reverse flow valve and find foreign matters. Its failure was mainly caused by the poor filter, and then a small part of the air entered the common rail system during the exhaust process. Although so little air entered the common rail system, it made the high-pressure oil circuit unable to reach the working pressure, resulting in the failure of the engine to start.

Fault code 639 seems to represent that there is air in the common rail. I forgot to tell you that my car is HOWO A7 380. I wonder if this fault code 639 is common with other brands of common rail engines.

I’m not afraid of everyone’s jokes. This troubleshooting is covered. But I think it’s a little experience anyway. Say it to let you know. If it’s a little help to you, that’s my original intention.

Again, don’t try to use some inferior filters cheaply

Especially Guosan engine. As can be seen from the above, I am a victim of inferior products, because there is an injector on my engine that needs to be replaced. It’s not cheap.


The final reason is that the air entering the common rail system leads to insufficient pressure and the engine cannot start. Although it is finally found that the problem is “misty”, the whole process also wastes a lot of time and energy. From the experience of “lycyl”, we tell us, “don’t try to use some inferior filters cheaply!”

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