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The working condition of the fuel injector directly affects the power, economy and reliability of the diesel engine. Many piston burnout failures are caused by poor fuel injector conditions.

When the fuel injector is working, it needs to have a certain injection pressure, injection stroke, and appropriate injection cone angle.

When stopping the fuel injection, the fuel supply needs to be cut off quickly to prevent dripping.

It can be said to be a solenoid valve that responds quickly. Because of its work requirements, the injectors are all very precise parts, and there are many types of failures.

One, the nozzle is blocked

At the same time, the fuel cannot be completely burned for various reasons. Poor combustion produces carbon deposits. In addition to the impurities in the fuel.

It will accumulate around the nozzle hole of the fuel injector after a long time, so that the nozzle hole is half inserted or completely inserted.

Once the injection hole is inserted, the fuel supply pressure of the fuel injection pump will rise and there will be a knocking sound.

Two,Corrosion of the fuel injector and carbon deposits at the end

The corrosion of the fuel injection nozzle is caused by cold corrosion caused by the sulfide contained in the exhaust gas, and the nozzle that is found to be corroded must be replaced.

Carbon deposits at the ends are formed when the engine is running at idle speed or under low load conditions.

When the load of the diesel engine increases, the carbon residue accumulated on the fuel injection nozzle will be burned when the fuel is sprayed.

Carbon affects the atomization effect of fuel and the uniformity of fuel distribution during combustion.

Which easily causes insufficient combustion, and may cause post-combustion phenomena, resulting in various mechanical failures.

Third, the needle valve is stuck

If there is too much water or acid in the diesel oil, too much needle valve will be rusted and stuck.

After the needle valve sealing cone is damaged, combustible gas in the cylinder will also flow into the cylinder to form carbon deposits.

Causing the needle valve to seize and the fuel injector The fuel injection effect is lost, causing the cylinder to stop working.

Fourth, poor atomization

When the injection pressure is too low, the injection hole is worn, the injection hole is too carbonized, and the spring elasticity drops, it will affect the atomization effect of the injection.

Poor atomization can cause incomplete and uneven combustion, reduce diesel engine power, emit black smoke from the exhaust, and even perforate the piston, which may also cause accidents such as burning the cylinder.

Fifth, the needle valve and the needle valve hole are worn

The needle valve keeps repetitive movement in the needle valve hole, and the injector is in a high temperature environment.

The needle valve will gradually wear out, the spacing increases or the scratches appear, carbon deposits enter the nozzle, resulting in the injector. If the leakage increases, the dripping may also appear.

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