How to slow down tire wear and prevent tire peeling?
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The selection and installation of tires and the correct installation of tires affect the service life of tires. When replacing tires, due to different types and patterns, the actual size and load capacity of various tires are different. Do not mix them arbitrarily.

Working pressure when the working pressure of the tire is too high or low, it will affect the service life of the tire, so the tire inner pressure is a problem that the owner needs to pay attention to.

Tire load the tires produced by regular enterprises have load index. In the case of overload, the greater the vehicle load, the shorter the service life of the tire.

The tires produced by regular manufacturers have speed level index, and the tires that drive too fast will be easier to peel.

Too high tire temperature can also easily lead to tire peeling. Even more serious, a flat tire will occur.

Road conditions if the vehicle runs on gravel roads or bad road conditions for a long time, the service life of the tire will be reduced.


How to slow down tire wear and prevent tire peeling?

First move: Park in the shade

Although running on the road will bring a sharp rise in tire temperature. But don’t ignore parking. At rest, the stress on the tire wall is uneven and the heating is different. In this case, it may cause local rubber cracking or internal structure damage.

Second move: don’t speed up or slow down

Under high temperature, rapid acceleration and deceleration will cause rapid rise of tire temperature and tire pressure. In some extreme cases, large pieces of rubber may even be worn off and flat spots may appear. Moreover, the tire wall will also be subjected to greater impact at this time. It’s actually quite dangerous.

Third move: don’t stop and wash the car

When the road temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius, the tire temperature may be 10 degrees higher. In this case, washing with cold water as soon as the car stops will accelerate the aging and cracking of rubber.

Sometimes it will deform the brake disc. Many people often don’t know under what circumstances they have caused damage to the vehicle.

Fourth move: check the tire and reasonable tire pressure

Generally, the tire pressure is normal at 220-260 kPa, but in summer, attention should be paid to the tire pressure. Especially tires with long service life.

It is recommended to put the tire pressure at 220-240 kPa. Even if the change in temperature causes a change in tire pressure, it is not enough to burst the tire.

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