How to prolong the service life of the engine, pay attention to when starting
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The engine is a device that provides power to the vehicle, and is the heart of the vehicle, which determines the power, economy, stability and environmental protection of the vehicle. The health of the engine is the top priority of the vehicle, so how to keep the engine healthy?

Today, I will popularize the things that the engine needs to pay attention to before starting. Only by treating it carefully and keeping it in a “healthy” state can it improve its work efficiency and extend its life.


What are the matters needing attention before starting the engine?

1, Avoid no coolant in the water tank or add it after starting

Adding coolant after starting the engine will cause the hot cylinder liner, cylinder head and other important parts to burst or deform due to sudden cold. Similarly, if 100°C boiling water is injected into the cold body, it will also crack the cylinder head and body.

Before starting the engine, the coolant must be added. The choice of the coolant should refer to the requirements in the “Operation, Maintenance and Maintenance Manual” that comes with the machine. It is forbidden to add tap water, warm water and other domestic water sources to the engine. It is recommended that you choose a long-lasting organic coolant.

2, Avoid not supplying oil according to regulations

You should not put the decompression handle to the “working” position and then supply fuel when you start the engine or after starting the engine. You should put the throttle handle to the fuel supply position before starting the engine.

The harm of not operating in accordance with this regulation is that at startup, if you increase the fuel supply at the throttle first, it will cause a waste of fuel, and the excess diesel will wash the cylinder wall, worsening the lubrication between the piston, piston ring and cylinder liner. Wear, and the remaining oil flowing into the oil pan will dilute the oil and reduce the lubrication effect, resulting in excessive diesel combustion in the cylinder and incomplete combustion will form carbon deposits.

The engine should be warmed up first, and then the throttle should be fueled before starting.

3, Avoid pulling the car to start

When the engine is pulled down to start when the oil is viscous in a cold car, it will aggravate the wear between the moving parts, thereby reducing the service life of the diesel engine.

4, Avoid changing lubricating oil and fuel oil on schedule

The use of high-quality engine oil, combined with the use of appropriate oil and oil filter replacement intervals, are key factors in maintaining engine performance and durability.

5, Avoid directly adding oil to the cylinder

Adding engine oil to the cylinder can play a role in sealing, boosting and warming, and facilitate the cold start of the engine, but the engine oil cannot be completely burned, and carbon deposits are easily generated, which weakens the elasticity of the piston ring and reduces the sealing performance of the cylinder. In addition, it will accelerate the wear of the cylinder liner, resulting in a decrease in the power of the diesel engine, making it more difficult to start, so it is not possible to directly add oil to the cylinder.

6, Avoid long-term continuous startup

The starter on the diesel engine works under the condition of low voltage and high current, and long-term use will damage the battery or even burn the starter. The continuous start time cannot exceed 15 seconds. If a start fails, it should be restarted after an interval of 15 seconds.

7, Avoid running at high speed just after starting

After the engine is cold-started, due to the high oil viscosity and high flow resistance, the time lag for the oil to enter the friction pair, and the insufficient lubrication of all parts of the engine, resulting in poor lubrication of the engine gears and bearings, which is also aggravated In order to avoid the wear of the cylinder and the bearing bush, bearing burning and axle holding may also occur in severe cases.

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