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Introduction to general knowledge of automatic vehicle maintenance
Introduction to general knowledge of automatic vehicle maintenance

How to prevent tire burst?

Since a flat tire will have such serious consequences, how should we prevent the occurrence of a flat tire? Here are some ways to avoid tire burst. I believe it can be helpful to your car safety.

First of all, I would like to remind you that a flat tire does not happen only in summer. If the tire pressure is too low or too high, the tread is excessively worn and close to scrapping,

and the tire of the vehicle may burst even in the rumbling winter. Therefore, to avoid tire burst, we should start with daily maintenance.


Maintenance Tips: how to prevent tire burst?

  1. Regular tire inspection can eliminate the hidden danger of tire burst. In particular, check whether the tire pressure is within the standard range, not too high or too low.
  2. Stones or foreign matters in the tread groove shall be removed frequently to avoid deformation of the tire crown. Check whether the tire sidewall is scratched or stabbed, and whether the cord is exposed. If so, replace it in time.
  3. For vehicles that often drive on the highway, the tires must be transposed regularly.
  4. When the vehicle is driving on the expressway, the driver should hold the steering wheel firmly with both hands, try to avoid passing through foreign objects (such as stones, bricks and wood blocks) and avoid driving through sudden deep pits at high speed.
  5. All tires shall be used within their service life (the service life of car tires shall be 2 ~ 3 years or about 60000 km). Tires that exceed their service life or have been seriously worn shall be replaced with new tires in time.
  6. In the scorching summer, if you need to park the vehicle for a long time, it is best to park the vehicle in a cool place to avoid the tire exposure in the scorching sun.
  7. I wonder if you have noticed that many professional tire stores or professional automobile maintenance service stores now have services for filling tires with nitrogen. If your tire is filled with nitrogen, it can not only prolong the service life of the tire, but also keep the tire pressure stable for a long time, reduce the probability of tire burst and increase the driving safety of the vehicle.
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