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When the oil in your vehicle decreases during the inspection or the exhaust pipe gives out blue smoke while driving, then you should pay attention to whether the vehicle is burning oil.

So in daily use and maintenance, how should we let their car away from burning oil?

Routine inspection

Although in a strict sense, oil leakage does not belong to the category of burning oil, but in daily use and maintenance, many people will ignore the external oil leakage, that is, the decline of the sealing performance of the engine lubrication system.

So this external leakage will also accelerate the loss of oil, mainly reflected in the engine external tubing, oil pan gasket, cylinder head gasket, oil filter and other places.If a slight oil leak is found at ordinary times, it should also be checked or repaired for the first time.

Regular maintenance is important

When the oil filter and air filter fail, that is, to trap the impurities, the oil or air impurities can go directly into the engine, forming a gel or carbon deposit, and wear down the cylinder walls or piston rings.Therefore, it is very important to change the machine filter and air filter regularly.

Do not exceed the oil limit

When changing oil, we should strictly add oil in accordance with the dipstick scale line. If the oil is too much, it will let the excess oil splash into the cylinder wall, enter the combustion chamber and participate in the combustion, so that the loss speed is accelerated.

Oil mismatch

If the oil viscosity does not match the engine, the viscosity is lower than the requirements of the engine, under high temperature and pressure conditions, the oil film thickness formed by the oil is not enough, so that the oil is easy to penetrate into the combustion chamber or evaporate.

In short, usually, the occurrence of burning oil is nothing more than external oil leakage, internal wear, seal drop, mismatch and other major factors caused by.Therefore, we need to develop a good habit of regular inspection, record and maintenance of the vehicle, to reduce or eliminate the hidden trouble of burning oil.

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