How to extend the life of the engine, pay attention to when starting
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How to extend the life of the engine

The engine is a device that provides power for the vehicle, is the heart of the vehicle, which determines the power, economical, stability and environmental protection of the vehicle. The health status of the engine is the top priority of the vehicle, so how should I keep the engine health?

Today, the engine needs to be paid attention to before starting, only carefully treated, let it keep “health” status, in order to improve its work efficiency, extend its life.

What are the issues that need not to pay attention before starting?


First, avoid the water tank without coolant or start after starting

After starting the engine, add the coolant, which causes the hot cylinder jacket, the cylinder head and other important components to cause fracture or deformation. Similarly, as soon as the ice-cold body is injected into the water of 100 ° C, the cylinder head and the body are also spirated.

Before starting the engine, you must first add a coolant, and the choice of coolant needs to refer to the requirements in the “Operational Maintenance and Maintenance Manual” of the randomly carry, prohibit the use of water sources such as water, warm water such as tap water, warm water. It is recommended that you choose long-acting organic coolant.

Second, avoid oil supply

Everyone should not put the decompression handle into the “work” position after starting the engine, and then put the throttle handle in the position of the oil supply before starting the engine.

The harm that does not operate according to this regulations are started, and if the air gates will result in the waste of fuel, and the excess diesel will flush the cylinder wall, so that the piston, the lubrication between the piston ring and the cylinder line is exacerbated Wear, and the oil flow into the oil bottom shell will dilute the oil and reduce the lubrication effect, causing too much diesel combustion in the cylinder to form carbon.

The engine should be preheated, and then the oil supply is supplied, and then start.

Third, the taboker starts

The engine pulls the car in the case of the cold car oil, which will exacerbate the wear between the various moving parts, thereby reducing the service life of the diesel engine.

Fourth, avoid conveying lubricants, fuel

It is a key factor in maintaining engine performance and durability using a high quality engine oil.

Avoid the oil directly to the cylinder

The oil is added to the cylinder, although it can function as a seal of boosting temperature, it is convenient for cold start of the engine, but the oil does not completely combust, which is easy to produce carbon, so that the elasticity of the piston ring is reduced, and the sealing properties of the cylinder decrease. In addition, the wear of the cylinder line is also accelerated, resulting in a decrease in the power of the diesel engine, making it more difficult to start, so it cannot be directly added to the cylinder.

Sixth, avoid launching continuous time

The starter on the diesel engine is working in the case of low voltage and large current, and the battery can damage the battery or even burn the starter for a long time. The continuous start time cannot exceed 15 seconds, and once the startup failed, it should be started again after 15 seconds.

Seven, avoid starting with high speed

After the engine cold start, since the oil has high viscosity, the fluid resistance is also large, so that the engine oil enters the friction pair time lag, the engine has not been fully lubricated, causing the engine gear and bearing lubrication and damage, but also intensifies The wear of the cylinder and the shaft tiles, the burning hugging axis will occur when severe.

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