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The engine is the device that provides the power for the vehicle, is the heart of the vehicle, determines the vehicle’s power, economy, stability and environmental protection.The health of the engine is the top priority of the vehicle, so how to keep the engine healthy?

Matters needing attention

1, engine wear.

One is cold start (that is, the engine stops for more than 6 hours), at the moment of start dry wear, then the damage to the engine is the greatest.

Another situation is that the engine runs at high speed and produces high temperature, and the oil is relatively thin. At this time, the engine is in a semi-dry wear state, which is also a phenomenon that cannot be ignored.

2, loss of oil phenomenon.

This situation is due to the gap between the combustion chamber and the cylinder, resulting in the oil into the combustion chamber caused by.

The way to find the engine oil loss phenomenon is to first see if the exhaust pipe is blue smoke, put your hand to the exhaust pipe and smell if your finger has the smell of oil, if there is a smell, it proves that the engine has oil into the combustion chamber.

3. Aging of oil seal ring.

The oil seal ring is aging, and the oil is slowly leaking out. The phenomenon of slight oil burning can be solved by adding a certain amount of repair agent when changing the oil.In severe cases the engine may need to be removed.

How to keep the engine always in good running condition:

1, often check the fastening part.

Diesel or gasoline engine in the process of use by the impact of vibration and load is not equal, bolts, nuts easy to loose, and various parts of the adjustment of the bolts should be carefully checked, so as not to cause loose and damage parts.

Valve clearance, valve phase, fuel supply advance Angle, fuel injection pressure and ignition timing should be checked and adjusted in time to ensure that the engine is always in good technical condition.This can save fuel and prolong the service life of the engine.

2, keep the oil, water, air and body clean.

The fuel is not pure, can make the precise matching parts wear, with the gap increase, resulting in oil leakage, oil drop, power supply pressure reduction, the gap becomes larger, and even cause oil blockage, holding the shaft burning tile and other serious failures;

If the body appearance is not clean, the body will be corroded, shorten the service life.

3, ensure that the oil is sufficient, water is sufficient, air is sufficient.

If the gasoline and air supply is not timely or interrupted, there will be start-up difficulties, poor combustion, power decline, the engine can not operate normally and other phenomena;

If the oil supply is insufficient or interrupted, it will cause poor lubrication of the engine, serious wear and tear of the parts, and even the phenomenon of burning tiles.If the cooling water is insufficient, the machine temperature will be too high, the power will be reduced, the wear will be aggravated, and the service life will be reduced.

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