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This is an instructional course for T7H drivers and maintenance personnel.This European-class, Chinese-made truck serves more efficiently.

Stage 1 – Warm up the truck.

1- Make sure wheel differentials and shaft differentials are closed.

2- Don’t forget to adjust the drive mode, no load, light load, standard load and heavy load.

It saves you a lot of fuel.

3- Do not push the fuel pedal too deep at this stage as this may wear down the piston assembly, turbocharger and air compressor.

4- Heat up the truck in 5 minutes. Any longer than 5 minutes may result in carbon buildup in the injector.

Sinotruk’s T7H vehicle

Stage 2 – Drive.

1- Two steps on the clutch, up or down, complete all actions within 2 seconds.

This will minimize damage to all gear selectors. (Hauvoka parts) above is loading.

The first step of the clutch is to release the gearbox into N gear.

The second step of the clutch is to select the upper gear.

The above is down gear. Gently press down on the fuel pedal to accelerate engine rotation before applying the clutch a second time.

In the standard load mode, the speed should be 1250 ~ 1300r/min after the gear is selected.

This results in sufficient torque and fuel savings.

2- In light load mode or heavy load mode, but on a flat road, it is best to pass the low gear as soon as possible, if necessary to bypass gear, in order to save fuel.

But when in high gear, should step by step upgrade gear, do not bypass any gear, because the ratio of high gear changes very much.

3- When driving against the wind, slow down to save fuel; If optional, buy a wind shield.

The third stage – brake

1-Howo T7H is equipped with standard ABS.

So when emergency braking is needed, press down on the brake pedal and hold it.

Do not tap on the brake lightly, this is unnecessary and will extend the braking distance.

2-HOPO T7H standard specification for 4 channel ABS.

And the 6 – channel ABS is highly recommended because the tire consumption is huge.

3- Reduce gear to increase engine speed before turning on EVB.

Only then can EVB work effectively.

The fourth stage – maintenance

1- The HOVO T7H requires oil changes every 60,000km instead of the normal 10000km.

But you need to check the oil level as usual, as it also consumes.

The 2-T7H is equipped with FleetGuard fuel filter. (Howo Truck Parts Catalog PDF)

Do not use a low-quality filter as a substitute, it can damage your powerful MAN engine.

3- Check the oil and water separator filter frequently and drain the water inside.

4- Check the brake air path frequently, pull the outlet valve to drain water, and replace the WEBCO filter if necessary.

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