How to do the car maintenance that is often said to ensure safety
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How to do the car maintenance that is often said to ensure safety

Vehicle maintenance refers to the routine maintenance and inspection items specified by the manufacturer in order to ensure the performance and safety of the vehicle after the vehicle has been driven for a certain time or mileage.

It’s a basic skill for car owners to master certain car maintenance knowledge. It’s good to learn some maintenance knowledge.

They can easily solve some small problems in their car. When they encounter big problems, they won’t be cheated by maintenance personnel.

How long is the maintenance interval?

The maintenance cycle depends on the grade and grade of the oil used. The validity period of different grades of engine oil is also very different.

For example, the validity period of mineral oil is 5000 km or three months; The validity period of semi synthetic engine oil is 7500km or half a year; The validity period of all synthetic oil is 10000 km or one year. It can also be subject to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Auto Parts
Auto Parts

Minor maintenance

Contents of minor maintenance:

Minor maintenance generally refers to the routine maintenance items done at the time or mileage specified by the manufacturer to ensure the vehicle performance after driving a certain distance. It mainly includes changing oil and oil filter.

Interval of minor maintenance:

The time of minor maintenance depends on the oil used and the effective time or mileage of the oil filter.

Mineral oil, semi synthetic oil and fully synthetic oil of different brands have different validity periods, which can be recommended by the manufacturer.

The oil filter element is generally divided into conventional and long-term. The conventional oil filter is replaced with the oil, and the long-term oil filter has a longer service life.

Supplies for minor maintenance:

  1. Engine oil is the lubricating oil for engine operation. It can lubricate, clean, cool, seal and reduce wear of the engine. It is of great significance to reduce the wear of engine parts and prolong the service life.
  2. Oil filter is a component for filtering oil. Engine oil contains a certain amount of gum, impurities, water and additives; In the working process of the engine, the metal chips generated by the friction of various components, impurities in the inhaled air, oil oxides, etc. are the filtering objects of the oil filter. If the engine oil is not filtered and directly enters the oil circuit for circulation, it will have an adverse impact on the performance and service life of the engine.

Major maintenance

Contents of major maintenance:

Minor maintenance items are covered by major maintenance; That is to say, during each major maintenance, all items included in the minor maintenance are generally carried out.

The major maintenance items will also have different details according to different vehicle designs of different manufacturers.

But in general, it will have a brief commonality. Major maintenance includes changing engine oil and routine maintenance of engine oil filter, air filter, gasoline filter, etc.

Interval of major maintenance:

Major maintenance is based on minor maintenance. Generally, the two types of maintenance are carried out alternately.

The interval is different due to the difference of automobile brands and models. Please refer to the manufacturer’s recommendation for details.

Supplies in major maintenance:

In addition to changing the oil and oil filter, there are two items in the major maintenance of the vehicle:

  1. Air filter

The engine needs to absorb a lot of air during operation. If the air is not filtered, the dust in it will accelerate the wear of piston bank and cylinder.

Larger particles entering between the piston and the cylinder will also cause serious “cylinder pulling” phenomenon.

The function of air filter is to filter out dust and particles in the air and ensure sufficient and clean air in the cylinder.

  1. Gasoline filter

The function of gasoline filter is to provide clean fuel for the engine and filter out the water and impurities of gasoline. Thus, the engine performance is optimized and the engine is well protected.

Generally, during vehicle maintenance, operators will conduct other inspections and add other maintenance items according to the specific conditions of the vehicle.

After the vehicle has driven a certain number of kilometers (after 30000 or more), the whole vehicle system needs major maintenance, and the whole vehicle fluids such as brake, steering, power assistance and gearbox need to be replaced.

Of course, some are unnecessary (antifreeze And timing belt (depending on the situation, don’t be fooled) as for cleaning these items, of course, they are well done!

Key costs are too expensive (finally check the manual or ask a friend for a bottom) the effect is good, but it will not be obvious! Other safety parts such as tires, brake pads and so on should be carefully checked.

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