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Temperature sensor refers to a sensor product that can sense temperature and convert it into a usable output signal. It is one of the important components of car sound. Automobile temperature sensors need to be detected during use.

1. Check the output signal voltage of the coolant temperature sensor

After installing the coolant temperature sensor, insert the sensor connector. When the ignition switch is in the ON position, measure the output voltage between the “THW” terminal of the connector or the “THW” terminal of the ECU connector and E2.

The measured voltage should change inversely proportional to the coolant temperature.
Remove the harness plug of the coolant temperature sensor, turn on the ignition switch, and measure the power supply voltage of the cooling temperature sensor to be 5V.

2. Check the Cambodian resistance of the coolant temperature sensor and ECU connection line

Use a high-resistance multimeter to electrically block, and measure the resistance of the coolant temperature sensor and the ECU connection harness (the resistance between the sensor signal terminal and the ground terminal respectively and the two terminals of the corresponding ECU), and the circuit should be connected.

If the circuit is non-conducting or the resistance value is greater than the specified value, it means that the sensor harness is open or the connector is in poor contact, and further inspection or replacement is required.

3. Use a multimeter to detect the coolant temperature sensor

Single piece inspection. Remove the coolant temperature sensor wire connector, and then remove the sensor from the engine. Insert the sensor into the water inside the beaker to heat the water in the cup. Pass the temperature gradually increase.

Use a multimeter to electrically block the resistance value of the measuring sensor, and compare the measured value with the standard value. If it does not meet the requirements, replace the coolant temperature sensor.

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