How To Choose A High-Performance Air Filter For Truck?
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Special automobile industry development in China
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SINOTRUK’s Heavy-duty Trucks with Euro 6 Emission

The function of a truck air filter is to protect the engine from harmful pollutants and unwanted air particles.

If these unwanted particles enter into the engine then they can affect the engine very severely.

This basic looking function of a truck air filter plays a vital role in the performance of your truck because, in the presence of air filter your truck’s engine will run smoothly, the result of which you will get is a high-performance truck.

Maintaining the health of a truck air filter is a very important task for a truck owner. A bad air filter can be a bad sign for the overall health of your truck.

The reasons for a bad air filter are:

  1. The main reason for a bad air filter could be that you may be driving in a dusty area as a result of which many unwanted air particles clog the filter.
  2. Bad quality air filters get clogged in less time than the good ones.
  3. Expanding the gap between the last service and the recent service can also be the reason for the clogging of the filter.
  4. The heavy operation of the vehicle will also result in the wear and tear of the filter.
    Types Of Air Filters:

Knowing the type of air filters will also help you in choosing the right air filters for your truck.

There are two types of air filters:

Paper Filters: The most common and easily available types of filters are paper filters.

Actually, a survey suggests that in Ontario, Canada more than 60% of the trucks have paper filters.

The advantage of paper filters is that you will get a good performance air filter at an affordable price.

A paper filter runs for an average time of 5000 to 1000 miles. Heavy maintaining cost is the only drawback of paper filters.

Gauze Filters: Gauze filters are gaining fame due to their longevity, you can even wash the gauze filters that were not possible with paper filters.

Gauze filters last longer than paper filters, so they are also very economic friendly. You should oil your trucks gauze filter at every 5000 miles.

Disadvantages Of A Bad Air Filter:

Reduction In Mileage:

Due to bad air filter your engine will start consuming more fuel that will reduce the mileage of your truck.

Engine Starts Making Unusual Sound:

When the engine did not get enough air due to the clogging of the air filter, the engine starts making an abnormal sound.

Decrease In Horsepower:

As for a better acceleration the airflow in the internal combustion engine should be good, but dusty particles in the air filter can affect this airflow and the relative horsepower of the truck will decrease.

Smell Of The Gasoline:

Enough amount of oxygen should enter in the fuel injection system during starting the car, so the unburnt fuel can exist through the exhaust pipe.

But the clogged filter does not let enough oxygen to enter in the fuel injection system due to which you will smell gasoline from your exhaust pipe.

How Often Change Air Filter:

There is no need to change your air filter so often but if you use your truck in clean cities, you can change it after more than 20000 miles.

In the case of dusty roads and heavy use, you should change it between 10000 and 15000 miles.These points will help you in selecting a new filter that lasts long and also helps in maintaining the existing one.

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