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Majority of the companies in the world rely on their trucks for job accomplishment. Most of these vehicles are for transportation for both people and goods which exposes them to wearing and tearing. Nonetheless, if you fail to service your sinotruk weichai, you risk the accelerated levels of breakdown.

To provide top services for both the driver and the carried goods, Weichai powerprovides engine and general spare parts necessary for your truck maintenance. It’s your duty as a driver to check on all parts to ensure a smooth ride. Below are some tips that will aid you in caring for your truck.

Changing Engine Oil

The engine is the heart of your truck. It’s an essential component in any vehicle. The manufacturer of any truck states the intervals for maintenance, and it’s necessary to follow to the latter. Whether you’re using weichai natural gas engine or diesel engine, good oil should allow you to travel for 6000 miles before changing it. However, there’re other expensive oils which would enable you to go up to 10000 miles.

It is advisable to change the oil filter every time you change the oil. Additionally, don’t forget to change the air filter. Air filters are essential for dust removal from the air used for combustion.

Tire Rotation

Several factors affect tire wearing and tearing, which include misalignment, road terrain, and driving habits. Therefore, it’s essential to check on tires every day before you use the vehicle which will allow you to note any tire that needs replacement. Also, fill the tires with air to avoid wasting time on the road filling them.

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Servicing Brakes

Faulty brake is one of the leading cause of road accidents. The rear disc brake inspection is necessary because it will prevent fatal accidents.

Cooling System

A faulty cooling system causes 50% of engine failure. Once the vehicle starts producing some funny noises from the engine area, it’s because the cooling belt is damaged. However, it’s easy to replace the belt. Consider buying the cooling belt from a reliable supplier.


A well-maintained vehicle should be kept clean. Besides, would like to use it in its dirty condition. Additionally, refurbish the floor and replace the floor material in the sinotruk weichai.

Stock up on supplies

Make sure your toolbox is full of necessary equipment. If you find yourself with a flat tire on the road, you must have the essential tools to remove and replace the tire. Consider weichai power products when you go shopping for your equipment. Also, replace products in your emergency kit from time to time to avoid using expired medical products.

Take Away

Taking care of your vehicle should be your daily routine. Schedule for it like you do other activities. Luckily, there are weichai power subsidiaries placed strategically around the world, making it convenient for you to purchase weichai power stock when need arise.

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