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The turbocharger is already a standard configuration of truck engines and is also one of the core components of the engine.

How to avoid turbocharger failure

Almost all of them are connected to the exhaust pipe of the engine at one end and the intake pipe after the air filter at one end. The high-pressure exhaust gas generated by the engine combustion is used to drive the exhaust gas turbine to rotate. The exhaust gas turbine drives the coaxial intake impeller to rotate to realize the supercharging of the air and increase the air density to be delivered to the engine to increase the intake air volume and make the combustion in the cylinder more efficient. Sufficient, thereby increasing the power and torque of the antifreeze, while also reducing emissions.

what are the general failures of such devices?

One, Damage to the floating bearing As mentioned earlier, the exhaust gas turbine and the intake impeller are coaxial, and the rotation speed is more than tens of thousands of revolutions during operation. Therefore, there are two floating bearings and a sealing ring between them, the oil circulation is also lubricated through the bearing, and the sealing ring ensures oil and gas isolation.

If the exhaust gas turbine end bearing is damaged, with the difference between the oil pressure and the exhaust gas pressure, the exhaust gas will enter the oil system, pollute the oil, increase the impurity particles in the oil, reduce the lubrication effect, and increase the wear of the lubricated components in the engine.
If the bearing at the intake impeller end is damaged, with the difference between the oil pressure and the intake pressure, the oil will enter the intercooler and the engine along with the air, which is equivalent to polluting the intake air, and also affects the intake air volume, resulting in insufficient air intake and triggering the engine Lack of motivation. At the same time, the overall casing of the turbocharger cannot be cracked. Oil leaks and air leaks will cause corresponding failures.


How to avoid malfunctions?

Two, turbocharger bypass valve failure

On the supercharger, there is a small cylinder, one end of which is connected to the compressor of the supercharger through a pipe, and the other end is a tie rod connected to a valve on the turbine. This is the wastegate on the turbocharger.
Because of the working principle of a turbocharger, the more exhaust gas, the greater the exhaust gas pressure, the faster the exhaust gas turbine rotates, the faster the intake impeller is driven, the stronger the supercharging effect, and the higher the engine intake. The greater the engine power, the more exhaust gas produced. This enters an “endless loop”, and if this continues, the engine speed becomes higher and higher, commonly known as the “speeding phenomenon”. This situation is the engine’s “overcharge” failure.

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