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How to extend engine life
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What happens when a lorry starts to shiver at 80?

The water temperature of the engine is one of the working parameters of the engine. About the water temperature, the most annoying thing may be the high temperature boiling. If it is not done well, it will cause cylinder pulling and tile burning, so as to overhaul the engine.

So, we usually a lot of card friends feel that the water temperature is low is better, so the heart at ease, because it will not boil.In fact, this idea is wrong.

Many card friends, in the hot summer, remove the machine in the “thermostat”, because, in order to prevent the “water temperature is too high” and cause “overhaul”.In fact, according to the current coolant boiling point of 125 degrees, this concern can be almost ignored.

Actually, you know what?If the water temperature drops below 50 degrees, fuel consumption doubles.

Far from being an alarmist, based on my decades of driving experience and my doubts about whether I am right, I have also learned from some expert posts on other websites and I would like to share them with you:

Some experts have done special tests, taking the system data of a brand engine as an example, when the engine water temperature is respectively at 20 degrees and 70 degrees, in three different working conditions, the fuel injection volume difference of the engine injector is very obvious.

For example, when the water temperature is below 20 ° C, the injection rate is 20mg /H per stroke, and when the water temperature is 70 ° C, the injection rate is 11mg/H per stroke.The difference in fuel consumption nearly doubles in the two different temperature environments.

Why is that?Listen to the experts on science

Because the function of the water temperature sensor is to measure the coolant temperature, used for cold start, target idle calculation, but also used to correct the injection advance Angle, maximum power, etc.

As a very important correction signal, the engine computer accurately corrects the fuel injection amount through the coolant temperature to meet the requirements of economy and emissions. Therefore, the water temperature has a great impact on the fuel injection amount of the engine.

In addition to the relationship between water temperature and fuel consumption, another is also very important is the relationship between water temperature and oil temperature, it is well known that the oil radiator outside all surrounded by the coolant, engine oil temperature is proportional to the temperature, such as the oil temperature is too low will inevitably lead to the oil illiquid, cause poor lubrication machine parts, speed up the wear and tear.

When the vehicle is in use, add antifreeze in strict accordance with the instructions in the manual. It is strictly prohibited to remove the thermostat in the engine without permission, and periodically check and clean the radiator and its pipes.Appropriate water temperature, not only can make the machine play the best state, but also can save fuel consumption, reduce wear and tear.

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