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Urea box so dirty do not pay attention to damage after treatment

Five vehicles have been more and more emissions, a lot of people’s cognition of vehicle urea is not only not enough, there are many people in the use of misunderstanding.

Previously, some of the country’s four models through the EGR route to meet the emission standards of users, do not need to add urea solution.

What is the difference between automotive urea and the most common agricultural urea when suddenly coming into contact with trucks that need to be fed with urea?

Although automobile urea is also urea, but with agricultural urea has a world of difference.

Vehicle urea has strict ratio requirements, which is basically composed of high purity urea and deionized water.

One of the standards of quality is the degree of control of impurities.

And agricultural urea particulate matter, metal ions, minerals and other impurities are very much, the harm is very obvious.

Simply put, using agricultural urea in vehicles can cause fatal damage to the SCR system, and replacing it with a reprocessing system isn’t cheap.

Often hear owners say that urea consumption is too high, resulting in increased costs.Admittedly, the use of urea will certainly let the cost increase, but definitely not the phenomenon of excessive consumption.

Under normal circumstances, urea consumption accounts for about 5% of fuel consumption. Take Dongfeng Tianlong as an example, filling up with urea is about 23 liters. Basically, the mileage is about 1500-1800 kilometers.

The replacement of urea solution may be of great concern to car owners. Can tap water be added?Can pure water be added?

There have been many owners will ask, occasionally blending point mineral water, pure water, boiled water should be emergency, is not it?

First of all, there are a lot of impurities in tap water, far beyond the visual range of our naked eyes.Among them, the most common calcium, magnesium, sodium and other substances are easy to form solid matter, thus blocking the urea nozzle.

Another cheaper way is to add a screw with a cost of only 10 pieces on the sensor of the post-processor, which can achieve less urea injection or even no injection in the country’s four vehicles.


Although the country is vigorously calling for energy conservation and emission reduction, the most direct impact on drivers is the increase of car purchase costs and operating costs.

This increased cost is forced to be passed on to the user, which indirectly leads to the breeding of the phenomenon of shielding urea.

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