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There are many factors that affect the braking performance of a vehicle. Let’s take a look at one of the reasons that is often overlooked. That is the drying tank.

Inferior dry tanks lose their ability to absorb moisture from the air after a short period of time. In some dry tanks, desiccant also enters the vehicle’s pneumatic system, resulting in greater safety and property damage.

When selecting the drying tank, the driver master should try to select the drying tank with fine pores and strong structure. After all, the identification method is simpler and more intuitive than the internal capacity of the desiccant particles.

How long does it take for the drying tank to be replaced? I believe this is a problem that many drivers want to know. However, because the working conditions of each vehicle are different, and the life of the drying tanks of different manufacturers is different, it is difficult to give the replacement cycle. A unified standard. However, today Xiaobian teaches you a little trick, so that you can always know if your drying can should be replaced.

The way to see if the drying tank has expired is to start with the gas tank and use the bleed valve at the bottom of the tank to see if the bottom of the tank is wet or has water. Because the valve is located just at the bottom of the tank. At the same time, the specific gravity of the water is large. If the drying tank fails, the moisture in the gas path will naturally accumulate to the bottom of the gas tank due to gravity, that is, above the valve.

At the same time, it is also possible to check whether the vehicle air path contains water by releasing the pressure relief valve of each brake cylinder. Especially in the cold weather season, you must pay attention to check whether there is water in the pipeline to prevent the brake from failing.

The leakage of the drying tank is obvious. In addition to the use of inferior dry tanks, the short life is also related to the working conditions in the humid places in the south. Since the air humidity is larger than that in the north, the life of the drying tank is shorter than that in the north.After putting the oil stains or water stains on the bottom of the gas tank clean, replace it with a new one. In daily use, develop a good habit of checking the gas tank venting valve frequently.

If you install a pull ring, then Not only convenient for daily

inspection, but also can be rotated twice from time to time to make the valve seal more uniform and avoid the effect of air leakage.

Through this small trick, you can always know whether the service life of the drying tank is expired, convenient daily replacement of the drying tank, and avoid economic loss caused by advance or delay.

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