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How Can The Truth From Practice Not Be Made By Inferior Oil

Trucks after the national three standards are basically electronically controlled diesel engines. Compared with the national two engines, there are many strange professional terms and terms in the operation manual, which may be difficult for many drivers to understand. The forum netizen “crowbar” has been repairing cars since the age of 14. He used his experience to tell the majority of drivers what the national three cars need to pay attention to and how to check if there is a fault  of inferior oil.

At present, China’s trucks are basically electronically controlled diesel engines, and many key products are imported high-end technology and then domestic produced accessories, which are of high quality. But why is there no fault in Euro 2 engine and there are many problems in Euro 3? Little brother has a lot of experience. Little brother is a repairman full of oil and small face. Please don’t laugh at me. I began to learn to repair cars at the age of 14.

Problem 1: The Engine Cannot Be Started.

Using the diagnostic instrument to measure the data, it was found that the rail pressure could not be reached, or that there was high-pressure and low-pressure leakage. After inspection, there was nothing. What’s the problem? Please open the high-pressure connector of your fuel injector and have a look. The problem is there. Man, I don’t have any high-end equipment. I always repair the European three cars empty handed. The old way is to cut off the cylinder and exchange the parts.

Problem 2: After The Engine Is Started, The Speed Cannot Be Increased.

Experts say it’s lameness. I didn’t go to school. I don’t understand. All I know is that the fuel injector is not working well. Just look at the inlet and return oil.

Problem 3: After The Engine Is Started, The Fault Light Is Always On.

The old method is to turn off the power and turn off the engine. Wait until the computer program restarts. If there is any, it is basically a circuit problem. Just open the circuit board and have a look. The wiring of domestic cars is very chaotic, and imported cars don’t have any technical data. It’s better to be Chinese. At least I’ll give you information.

Problem 4: Pay Attention To Check The Oil Tank

Many people always check the engine when the engine is broken, but the fuel tank can’t be ignored. Look at it. I remember repairing a car and finding a complete plastic bag from the fuel tank oil pipe.

Question 5: Don'T Step On The Accelerator When Starting

The throttle is delicate. The throttle sensor doesn’t sell. It’s hateful. In fact, changing the throttle sensor can solve the problem, but it doesn’t exist all over China. The reason is that foreign companies let you buy the whole instead of sensors.

I haven’t been to school. Maybe educated people can’t understand it, but these are the problems I encountered when I repaired the European third car. I hope you can communicate with each other.


Plain language makes clear a pile of complex theories in the manual. Many drivers feel that it is more useful to read this post. For truck drivers, what can explain the problem is the true truth. We also hope to have more such posts to explain the complex theories to you in practice.

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