How can I make the automatic transmission more durable?
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How can I make the automatic transmission more durable?

Friends who drive will generally know that the automatic transmission is more “refined and expensive” than the manual transmission.

If the maintenance is improper, it will not only delay our travel, but also bring unnecessary additional expenses to the owner. So how do I need to maintain my car’s automatic transmission?


How can I make the automatic transmission more durable?

1、 Shorten the time of idling and hot car as much as possible

Raising the oil temperature by idling is slower than heating the car while driving. The shorter the time for the engine to reach the normal operating temperature, the smaller the wear of the engine, so idling will prolong the time for the engine to reach the normal operating temperature. The longer the idle time, the more carbon deposits are generated.

2、 Change to manual low gear when climbing

Without stepping on the brake and giving the accelerator, the car automatically crawls forward. At this time, the clutch is in the semi linkage state. Due to the semi linkage, the wear between the clutch plates will be very serious.

3、 The speed must not be too low

Low engine speed means that the speed is lower than the speed of the first gear when the vehicle speed is 10km / h. The speed is too low and the car has no inertia.

When the engine drives the car, there is a lot of pressure between the parts. The speed is too low, the gasoline combustion is incomplete, and the engine power is insufficient.

4、 Slow down before flameout

Stop, shift to park, then pull the handbrake and turn off the engine. Try not to be too fast.

5、 Use manual mode when going up and down steep slopes

When we have bad luck, maybe our car will be blocked on a steep slope and stop and go. At this time, we should use the manual mode of manual automatic transmission to limit the gear to first gear to cope with frequent slope starting. This operation is also a kind of protection for the gearbox;

When driving down a steep slope or in the underground garage, using the low gear of manual mode to go down the slope is obviously much more comfortable than going down the slope in gear D. at least we don’t have to step on the brake frequently and for a long time, but we can also ensure driving safety and kill two birds with one stone.

6、 Use manual mode when accelerating and overtaking

If the transmission is in the high gear when overtaking is required, and the manual mode of the transmission is used to quickly downshift, the vehicle can instantly speed up with the help of the high torque of the low gear and complete the overtaking action faster.

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