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Preliminary Analysis Of The Damage Of The Golden Prince Dump Truck

Recently, the forum has been paying attention to some problems of Ms. linershasha’s golden Prince dump truck (for details, click “minor repair every day, overhaul 369!” (check) fortunately, Ms. Shasha has given us some photos and vehicle configuration, so we can do some basic analysis: because many people don’t agree with the description I wrote, today I will make a relatively systematic explanation to explain why Ms. Shasha’s car can only be driven after the driver has learned again:

Ms. Shasha’s vehicle uses WD615 93e engine, its characteristic curve is:

The maximum torque of the engine is about 1300 rpm and can output 1190n The torque of about M probably corresponds to the direct gear transmission in the hw13710 series transmission of heavy truck, and its speed ratio range is between 14.5-1. Compared with the early hw18709 of heavy truck and 9js119 series transmission of fast, the first gear speed ratio is greater than 15%;


The axle she chose was the new ac16 drive axle with a speed ratio of about 5.45, rather than the old Steyr series drive axle with a speed ratio difference of less than 6%. Let’s take a look at the torque output of each gear of her vehicle:

In this case, it can be seen from the icon that Ms. Shasha’s vehicle meets the requirements according to common sense for mine dump that pays more attention to climbing performance,

However, due to the overall configuration changes, the shift habits and driving methods are different from other early types of golden prince! Now let’s take our time to explain the possible factors of various parts of the vehicle: a series of typical accident case analysis of Steyr with pictures and pictures. Without further explanation, please take a look at an accident about the falling off of the engine crankshaft thrust plate I wrote to France two years ago (the same on the first page).

The problem with Ms. Shasha’s vehicle is actually a comprehensive accident. There may be manufacturer’s problems and man-made problems. So let’s take a look at what I wrote. Let’s start with the universal joint. For the golden Prince of Shasha, because the total output torque of the first gear is much larger than that of other types, if the optional clutch system of SINOTRUK has been improved, but the transmission system has not been done, and the strength of the transmission shaft flange fork has not been redesigned, then under the condition of large slope and heavy load! It is very likely that the driver starts by jerking up the clutch, or the impact load caused by gear shifting during climbing is greater than the strength of the universal joint support hole of the flange fork is not enough, so it is natural to change the universal joint every day as described by Ms. Shasha! This problem can be said to be caused by three factors, including transportation environment, manufacturers and people!

Let’s talk about the gearbox. In fact, this is also associated with engine damage. At the same time, we should combine the link above with me; I don’t know if everyone has used the current fast non full synchronizer gearbox. There are few manufacturers with intermediate shaft brake as standard! Therefore, sometimes when you step on the clutch and don’t wait for a while to start, you will feel the gear shift of the transmission clicking. It is recommended that when you use a non fully synchronous transmission, you still step on the clutch and wait once at the starting stage!

Less gossip, because the configuration of Shasha is good, but the starting torque is relatively large, At a certain moment (such as lifting the clutch violently), one shaft of the gearbox will warp (which is related to the characteristics of the double intermediate shaft gearbox), and at the same time, it will also lead to excessive load on the one shaft guide bearing of the gearbox! Then there will be oil leakage of the one shaft oil seal or even the guide bearing (the guide bearing is a centripetal ball bearing and cannot bear excessive radial load) burning occurs. However, if the clutch is lifted sharply or no attention is paid during gear shifting (improper upshift or downshift in uphill operation, improper downshift in downhill step) the movement inertia of the clutch will increase the front and rear runout of the crankshaft, increasing the axial load of the crankshaft thrust plate (similar to our forged parts), when the front crankshaft thrust plate is deformed and worn by impact force, once it exceeds a certain value, even the rear plate will fall off by itself! The axial displacement of the crankshaft increases. At this time, it is also very difficult to shift the transmission because the stroke of the clutch has changed.

It’s time to talk about the engine. The picture in Ms. Shasha’s post is not very clear, But there are obviously some traces caused by the secondary combustion of the engine (you can find it yourself in the accident analysis column of truck house). At the same time, there are more oil sludge and carbon mixture on the top of the piston. This explains why the oil channeling of the air compressor caused by the wear of the piston ring of the air compressor in WABCO air compressor so early. In fact, the crux is in several aspects: it is likely that Shasha’s vehicle has started There is a leak on the air inlet pipe of the engine. Many unfiltered very dirty air enters the engine and air compressor! This phenomenon is also a cyclic phenomenon. When the engine is under power, the driver still continues to operate the high throttle, resulting in the fuel entering the engine can not be fully burned without sufficient air (deflagration is easy to occur at the two air rings and signs of oil shortage and wear caused by dilution of lubricating oil).

Car maintenance can’t just hire a good driver. At the same time, the daily maintenance of vehicles is very important. For mining vehicles, it’s best to do daily maintenance. I still hope Ms. Shasha can understand this matter correctly. Even if the manufacturer helps you fix the car, you should gradually become a car keeper who knows the car! Otherwise, you will be injured in the end!

This is the end of my analysis. You can discuss it more! Help Shasha. For her, what she lacks is a lot of knowledge. She may not have finished reading the manual and maintenance manual. For manufacturers, as sellers, it can’t be said that they patronize and sell cars to make money. We must pay attention to the necessary pre-sales training!

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