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How To Strengthen The Chassis Girder To Regain A New Life

The girder is the spine of the heavy truck, and most of the weight of the body and trailer is concentrated here. Due to the special environment of the domestic transportation market, the overload phenomenon is still relatively serious, coupled with the relatively poor operating conditions, it is easy to make the girder “dare not bear a heavy load”. In particular, it breaks suddenly during driving, which has a great hidden danger to the safety of the driver and the people around him.

So what if the girder is slightly damaged? Recently, Xiaobian saw a basically refitted tractor at a service station. Let’s see the differences.

Replace Rivets With Screws And Reinforce Them In The Middle

In the middle of the girder of the well-known heavy truck HOWO t5g tractor, rivets are used to strengthen the girder structure. However, the t5g tractor seen at the service station has loose and cracked individual girder rivets due to poor road conditions.


The truck fixing the girder with rivets will inevitably encounter the phenomenon of rivet falling off or damage. However, the replacement of rivets needs the help of professional tools, which is relatively troublesome. If the vehicle body is fixed with bolts, some bolts shall be equipped with the vehicle. Once falling off or damage is found, the replacement can be completed with the help of simple tools.

Under comprehensive consideration, the service station refitted the vehicle, removed the rivets with professional tools, replaced the screws, installed strip steel plates on both sides of the girder, and connected with threaded steel in the middle to strengthen the girder as a whole.

In addition, at present, domestic automobile enterprises have begun to use the bolts of shipilao technology. Because the bolts are designed and manufactured with special processes and tools, compared with ordinary screws and traditional rivets, its seismic and anti loosening performance is better. At the same time, the nuts of this technology do not need stop gaskets and spring washers to achieve the effect of loosening.

Install Shock Absorber To Reduce Girder Vibration

The rear axle of the heavy truck t5g tractor seen by Xiaobian at the service station adopts henriesen rubber suspension. It is understood that due to the bad road conditions, the damping effect of the rear axle’s Harrison rubber suspension is also limited when it is unloaded.

Due to poor damping effect and long-term and frequent vibration, some screws will also become loose or broken, affecting the stability of the whole vehicle. At the request of the user, the service station has installed two shock absorbers on the rear axle of the vehicle to cooperate with the henrieson rubber suspension, which has better shock absorption effect.


Truck is a very complex large machinery. In operation, all mechanical parts will inevitably be worn. In addition, due to the influence of external human, environmental and other factors, it will cause the loss of various parts. If the daily work is done carefully, it can not only keep the vehicle constantly new, but also master the technical status of each part of the vehicle in time, which can effectively avoid mechanical accidents and traffic accidents.

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