General knowledge of automobile fuel tank maintenance
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In car maintenance, there are often some parts that are easy to be ignored, or even don’t know what to maintain. Among them, the cleaning and maintenance of car fuel tank is ignored by most people.

A friend of Xiaobian recently went to the 4S shop to clean the fuel tank. When he saw the cleaning of the fuel tank, he also cleaned out a lot of incredible things: in addition to particles, colloidal items, and the repairman also cleaned out tin foil and plastic sheets from the fuel tank. He was really surprised. Particles and colloids can be regarded as impurities in oil products.

What about tin foil? It turned out that it was accidentally dropped when adding fuel. Therefore, it is necessary to master the general knowledge of automobile fuel tank maintenance and clean it regularly.

aluminum alloy fuel tanks

It is necessary to clean the fuel tank regularly

Although, the fuel tank is totally closed except when it is in semi closed state. However, with the increase of the age of the car and the use time, more and more impurities will precipitate in the fuel tank, which will inevitably cause damage to the car as the fuel supply system in the car enters the engine.

As for the quality of oil products, I think everyone knows it. There are impurities in the oil itself, and many impurities have been accumulated at the bottom of the oil depot of each gas station for many years.

If you refuel when the tanker is delivering fuel to the depot, some impurities are bound to be added. After these impurities enter the tank, they first precipitate at the bottom of the tank.

Slowly, when the sediment is too much, it will enter the engine with the fuel, causing serious wear to the engine.

When is the cleaning time?

The tank itself is provided with protection measures, which can be waterproof and heat preservation. If you idle for a long time, you may have to clean the oil circuit at 30000 km. Or change the filter.

Otherwise, once the oil circuit is blocked, the air pressure in the oil tank will be too high. In the process of driving, the car will swing.

Under the influence of high pressure, the oil tank is very easy to crack, when it is serious, there will be oil leakage, and the fuel consumption will become higher.

How to clean?

Tank cleaning is divided into two steps, internal and external.

External: check the oil tank, oil pipe, joint and other places for depression or oil leakage. Remember to check if the fixing screws of the fuel tank bracket are tightened.

Inside: open the oil tank, take out the filter barrel and suck out the oil. Only about 30L gasoline is left in the tank.

Insert the cleaned plastic pipe into the bottom of the oil tank from the oil filling port, and gently blow the gasoline at the bottom of the oil tank to make it roll over to achieve the cleaning effect.

When cleaning, a clean cloth can be used to block the oil filling pipe orifice, and then the position and direction of the plastic pipe can be changed continuously to avoid rubbing the oil level sensor as far as possible.

After 20 minutes of purging, the gasoline is discharged, and the impurities in the gasoline will flow out together.

Note that the fuel discharged from the tank should be precipitated for 72 hours before use.

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