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Since the launch of China National Heavy Duty Truck’s natural gas engine, China National Heavy Duty Truck’s gas vehicle has been riding like a “black horse” and has maintained high growth for 4 consecutive years.What “hard-core” strength does China National Heavy Duty Gas Vehicle bring to the market with continuous growth?

Let’s find out.

The engine is like the heart of a person. It is the most important source of power for the entire vehicle. When purchasing a truck, the first consideration is the performance of the engine.

The MT13 gas engine.

MT13 gas engine equipped by China National Heavy Duty Gas Vehicle is the most “hard core”. First-class design, verification and manufacturing technology, as well as the blessings of world-leading suppliers and advanced production equipment, its B10 life is up to 1.5 million kilometers, and the ignition system life is 120,000 kilometers.

It is also the only gas engine with a mileage of up to 50,000 kilometers in China. Provide users with peace of mind and maintenance;

MT13 gas engine has accumulated more than 40,000 hours of bench tests and 5 million kilometers of vehicle road tests, which provide reliable guarantees for the actual operation of vehicles; emissions meet the national VI standard, avoiding frequent user changes Car; power covers 400 horsepower-520 horsepower, maximum torque reaches 2400Nm, super power can meet the needs of various working conditions.

User case:

Recently, the reporter contacted the master user Jia of Shanxi. He was driving a Sinotruk Hohan gas car. His overall evaluation of his car was “Hohan is really a good car.” He was in Shanxi for coal transportation. On the road, “At the beginning, I was more worried about the power of the gas engine, but this car is not worse than the diesel, and it is strong.

When I bought the car, I saw its engine.” When asked about the maintenance status of the vehicle, Master Jia said that his car seldom malfunctions. “Compared to ours, our car is very reliable and has a low failure rate. The peers using China National Heavy Duty Gas Engines also There have been no such problems as cracked cylinder heads or leaking water from the cylinder pads. “

It is understood that the alternator, air-conditioning compressor, and water pump of MT13 gas engine are driven by the same PK-type V-ribbed belt. It has an automatic tensioning device. There is no need to remove the fan when replacing the belt, which makes maintenance easier.

At the same time, the modular design is adopted, which greatly reduces the number of parts by 25%, and has a compact structure and convenient maintenance. The cylinder block and the cylinder head adopt independent split cooling and lubrication circuits.

There is no oil-water channel between the two, which greatly improves the sealing characteristics, which fundamentally eliminates the possibility of water leakage and oil leakage in the cylinder pads, saving users a lot of downtime and maintenance time.

The level of vehicle attendance is the premise of high and low returns. There are many gas vehicles on the market, and users are naturally most concerned about the reliability of the vehicle. “Coal transportation runs a number of trips.

One day of stoppage is equivalent to a loss of 500 yuan. Every day we come together, we have to pay for the monthly rent. I have to run a few more times in the early hours. Driver Dora needs to run fast. “Master Jia said.

For Master Jia, the low gas consumption of Hohan ’s gas vehicles is also his favorite. “I’m going to go back to work. The gas consumption for a round trip is only 29 kilograms, the fuel is 5.2 yuan, and the gas is about 4 yuan. This saves all profits. ”

His colleague, Master Cui, was also very satisfied with the gas consumption of his gas car. “The total mileage in 3 days was 1,075 kilometers, and the standard tonnage was carried back and forth, and the gas consumption per 100 kilometers was only 30 kilograms.”

China National Heavy Duty Gas Vehicle is equipped with a 1000L large-capacity gas cylinder, which effectively ensures the vehicle’s cruising range up to 1100KM. The vehicle is equipped with a digital level gauge as standard.

It does not need to get out of the vehicle to know the gas balance, allowing users to run a longer distance with one gas, saving The time cost of frequent refueling can also be arranged reasonably without worrying about the problem of fewer refueling stations.

Relying on its outstanding ability, Sinotruk Gas Vehicle has created high yield and high value for users with its outstanding technical strength, won the market and reputation, and has become the brand of choice for users in the industry.

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