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Supercharger is now a standard part of the truck engine, is also one of the core parts of the engine, I believe that many owners have the experience of damage to the supercharger, then how to use the supercharger correctly, it in the use of what mistakes need to avoid?

1: when the car is cold, do not walk with the car

After the vehicle stops driving overnight, the oil will flow back to the oil pan because of the action of gravity. After starting the engine, it should idle for about a minute to establish the oil circulation, so that the supercharger floating bearing is fully lubrished and then start running.

2: do not immediately flameout after high speed operation

Because the supercharger at work when the speed is very high, immediately after the parking at high speed, the oil supply suddenly interrupted, the supercharger is still rotating at high speed, the oil in the floating bearing is soon dried up, so it will cause damage to the floating bearing.

The correct approach is to run idle for at least one minute before flameout to protect the floating bearing of the supercharger.

3: oil and filter element can not be careless

The operating environment of supercharged engines is relatively bad, so the requirements for oil are relatively high. When choosing oil, it is best to use and replace it according to the viscosity and level required by the manufacturer.

Filter element, not to mention, must use the factory’s products, if the use of fake and shoddy filter element, will cause damage to the floating bearing of the supercharger, serious time lead to the rotor lock supercharger scrapped.

4: Air filtration is also important

Whether the air filter is normal is also related to the supercharger, because the supercharger is generally a floating bearing structure, the seal of the bearing cavity mainly depends on the pressure difference on both sides.

In practice, many times the supercharger string of oil is because of this problem, many owners change down the supercharger string of oil may just be caused by air filter blockage or fake air filter.

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