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The Engine Of A Used Car Suddenly Locks Up Because Of “It”
The Transmission Makes A Strange Noise And The Vehicle Stalls. It Was Originally Caused By It

Treat Refurbished Parts With Caution, "Flying Car" Is Not For Fun

  • For the after-sales industry of school oil pump, whether to choose original parts or non original parts has always been a headache. On the one hand, it is the guarantee of brand and quality, and on the other hand, it is the advantage of the price of flying car..
  • As the saying goes, you can’t have both fish and bear’s paw. Today, xiaorail will take you to see the cases of product quality problems caused by immature renovation technology and nonstandard assembly, which eventually lead to more serious consequences, and bring you a more appropriate solution.
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  • A tin Chai Guosan has insufficient power and no fault code. For such problems, if there is no fault code, generally start with the intake and exhaust and fuel injector, look at the data flow, and the boost pressure is normal, then the fuel injector should be considered of flying car..
  • It is one-sided to judge the quality of the fuel injector only from the data flow and fault phenomena. The best way is to test it through the fuel injector test-bed. After the test, it is found that there are problems with all six fuel injectors of flying car..
  • Later, I asked the owner, added a small amount of oil, and bought my own inferior filter element, so there were problems with six fuel injectors at the same time. Because the owner was anxious to pull the goods, he replaced a refurbished set of fuel injectors, tried the car for a while, the fault was solved, and the owner left.
  • Do you think it’s over? About ten days later, the owner called and said that the car was flying in other places, which was very dangerous of flying car.
  • After the peer of local oil pump calibration, two of the six fuel injectors lost oil, as shown in the figure below. This time, I lost my wife and my soldiers. Instead of making money, I lost a lot.
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  • In fact, similar things happen every day in the school oil pump industry, so what is the reason of flying car?
  • It is all kinds of pursuit of high profits, the use of inferior parts or renovation accessories. Of course, this is only a small part of the repairmen. For most of the customer service masters, the market of the various accessories and renovation market suck us up.
  • Now let’s talk about how the chaotic refurbished parts market “pits” the masters.

Component Quality Of Flying Car

  • For the five components of the fuel injector, vulnerable parts are nothing more than valve components and nozzle components, and they are even accessories. So what is even accessories of flying car?
  • There are strict gap control requirements between bonnet and valve rod, which can not be too large or too small. During the production of valve components, strict pneumatic gap measurement will be carried out for each set of valve components to ensure that the gap is within the established control range (only a few microns) of flying car..
  • As shown in the figure, excessive clearance will lead to eccentric wear of valve rod and needle valve, and too small clearance will lead to oil leakage.
  • Then the first possibility is that during the renovation process, we will select usable parts for assembly and testing. At this time, there will be random matching between the bonnet and the valve stem, or between the needle valve and the needle valve body of flying car.
  • In this way, the coupling degree between parts can not be reached. Although it is qualified at the time of final test, this kind of fuel injector must be used soon once it enters the market.
  • The second possibility is that many manufacturers sometimes choose some auxiliary parts. The quality of this renovated fuel injector is better than the previous one. At this time, it depends on how the masters choose.

Lift Parameters

  • In the process of after-sales fuel injector maintenance, we know that the most taboo repair method is the amount of fuel. What does the amount of fuel mean of flying car.?
  • We know that an ordinary injector test bench can only test one return oil quantity and four injection points, as shown in the figure below. Taking the rail pressure as an example, we can see that only the oil quantity under 250, 1000 and 1600 rail pressure is tested, but in the actual process, the injection quantity must be a curve of flying car..
  • Therefore, we know that it is one-sided to judge the quality of the fuel injector only by the test results of the test-bed.
  • Under what circumstances will the test-bed test be qualified, but the loading is unqualified (the fuel injection curve is unqualified)?
  • It is through the wrong adjustment of the internal lift parameters and spring force of the fuel injector, that is, through the way of fuel collection of flying car..
  • The fuel injectors renovated in this way can not be put into the market. Many times, the masters feed back that the new fuel injectors knock on the cylinder when installed, which is the case.
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Change Of Outer Diameter Dimension

  • In the refurbishment manufacturing industry, in order to pursue the bright appearance, the outer diameter of refurbished parts is excessively polished. Generally, the outer diameter of refurbished parts in society will be smaller than that of original parts, as shown in the figure below. When we use the special detection collar to detect, we can find that the new parts can block the collar at the step surface, but most social refurbished parts cannot.
  • When the fuel injector with the outer diameter less than the tolerance is installed into the engine cylinder, there will be internal installation deviation, resulting in the stress concentration on the step surface of the fuel nozzle, which makes the fuel injector turn around in the process of fuel injection. At least the engine does not work, at least the engine piston crown burns, and the engine is overhauled or replaced.
  • After saying so many “scary” disadvantages, can the refurbished parts not be used of flying car.?
  • Of course not. As we all know, Bosch has strong strength and cutting-edge technology in the common rail system. If Bosch can realize the great change of remanufacturing with the process requirements and part quality of new parts, it must be a great thing for our after-sales maintenance masters of flying car..
  • Today, small rail and Bosch have brought you good news. Bosch has brought the definition of remanufactured parts in Europe to China – Bosch diesel common rail injector exchange parts, also known as Bosch BX remanufactured parts – use the standardized production process to achieve the performance basically consistent with the new products, thus solving many troubles of teachers of flying car..
  • The first point: the first step of remanufacturing is to strictly control the quality of components: recycle the fuel injector, use industrial grade micro flaw detection equipment for detection, and only retain four wear-free parts, and replace the original parts for the rest, such as valve components and nozzle components. Although the cost will be higher than that of social refurbished parts, it can achieve brand-new quality and complete variety.
  • Second point: lift parameters, use the original testing equipment and quality inspection, and enjoy the same warranty service as new parts of flying car.
  • The third point: the size of the outer diameter does not pursue the brightness of the appearance. It can be tested by the detection collar.
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So how to distinguish Bosch diesel common rail injector exchange parts?

  •  First, from the packaging, Bosch diesel common rail injector exchange parts are packaged in a newly designed packaging box with “exchange” logo label, as shown in the figure below.
  •  Distinguish from solenoid valve New parts and BX parts are clearly engraved on the solenoid valve neck cap;

There are clear marks under the new fuel injector body;

Treat Refurbished Parts With Caution, Flying Car Is Not For Fun (9)
  • There are clear characters at the bottom of the new solenoid valve;
  • The bottom of BX solenoid valve has been ground away from the original font into four inner grooves, where “Z” indicates remanufacturing.
  • To sum up, small rail is certainly not worshiping foreign countries. Under the background of today’s technical level, we can choose some high-quality products to make trucks run healthier and our sky bluer.
  • It can also spur our national enterprises to continue to develop and surpass. At that time, our after-sales masters will have a wider choice and the maintenance process will be simpler.
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