The Fantastic F3000 Turns The Driving Report Into A Fault...
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The Fantastic F3000 Turns The Driving Report Into A Fault Report

The netizen “moving slowly” bought a Shaanxi Automobile Delong f3000 for transportation. I wanted to send a wonderful driving report on the forum like other netizens and share my driving life with you. As a result, f3000 frequently appeared, which made him feel quite helpless, so, Originally, a wonderful driving report has become the “fantastic f3000 turns my driving report into a fault report”. Let’s take a look at the problems encountered by netizens “moving slowly”.

After I brought my f3000 turns, I intended to give you card friends a qualified driving report, but some incredible things happened on f3000, which turned my driving report into a fault report. I have to start from scratch.

Preparatory Stage Of F3000 Turns

Before and after the Spring Festival this year, I planned to buy a tractor for transportation, because I had operated a dump truck for two years before. After the car was sold, I wanted to change my career, but it was too difficult to turn into a completely unfamiliar industry. I had no choice but to go back to my old business.

Because the dump truck is liberated, I looked up the liberation information on the Internet and found our truck man’s own website. After learning everyone’s posts, especially Joe, it is difficult to get a selfless answer to everyone’s questions. I know a lot of truck knowledge. I originally planned to set a liberation, but J6’s price is a little unbearable. Dawei generally reported that there are many small problems, When I hesitated, I saw several f3000 posts from Laiyang pear, understood the solution process after the car had a problem, and felt that domestic cars were not as good as imported cars after all. Small problems were inevitable. As long as the problem could be handled in a timely and satisfactory manner, plus the one-and-a-half-year unlimited mileage warranty publicized by Shaanxi Automobile, I planned to set up another f3000.

In fact, when I think about it now, it was a little too one-sided at that time. J6 expensive is expensive. First of all, except for the three key parts, the other small parts are made of high-quality parts, and the price is divided into goods. This is a later story. Let’s not talk about it first

Car Booking Stage Of F3000 Turns

After the decision was made, they asked about the car price, configuration, booking time and other specific issues. They began to ask Weichai’s 12 liter 336 horsepower lightweight version 6 * 2. It took 60 working days to ask about the time to collect the car. At this time, the dealer began to recommend the assembly of Xi’an Cummins engine, saying how the engine was of good quality and how to save fuel. They said that the engine was more than 20000 expensive than Weichai, Now it’s the promotion price. The key is that they said that it only takes 20 working days to collect the car and set 345 horsepower.

Car Collection Stage

On May 23, the dealer informed that the car arrived. On May 25, he rushed to the dealer to pick up the car. As soon as he got to the door of the dealer, he saw my Spaceland 3000 at one glance, and the towering exhaust pipe and air filter squatting on the shelf at the second glance. The question came right away. What about the man technology exhaust pipe on the f3000 leaflet? After asking the dealer, he replied that the design is the same for the delivery now, but my friend bought 3000 two days ago with man technology. The only thing the dealer said is that it is the same for the delivery. Later, after looking carefully for a long time, I found that because the wheelbase of the first two axles of 6 * 2 was shortened and there was no room between the two wheels, it was changed to the top.

Then I started to go through the car purchase procedures. When I compared the engine number with the certificate, an incredible thing happened. The production date on the engine nameplate was June 2008, while the manufacturing date on my car nameplate was May 2010, that is to say, my car was equipped with an engine two years ago! Then there are a series of questions and answers. For details, please see my other post (click here “incredible Shaanxi Auto f3000”).

Running In Stage

In any case, in order to make money early and pay back the bill early, the car was still brought back and the running in of the new car began. At this time, the biggest discovery was that the LCD could not display the instantaneous fuel consumption, remember the fuel consumption and so on. After looking for it many times, I couldn’t find a bright spot of f3000 advertised by Shaanxi Automobile – polymorphic fuel-saving switch.

At more than 500 kilometers, I found that the air filter alarm light was on, but it was not enough to blow it off. When bandaging the pipeline of the whole vehicle, I found that the damping airbag of the right rear cab and the air inlet pipe rubbed through the trailer factory, went to the door to apply for a license, etc. the running in was almost the same, and I was ready to start to make money

The First Train

In order to better run in, the car emptied to Shenmu. On the road, I found that the brake was too sensitive. I also saw a traffic jam that I had never seen before, from Suide, Shaanxi Province to Yulin north of Baomao expressway.

After loading the coal on the mine, when starting uphill, the front of the car jumped badly. The next day it began to rain. When running on the high speed, it was found that the air filter alarm light did not light up and the odometer did not go. After more than an hour, the alarm and odometer were restored to their original state. The car continued to move forward. It didn’t take long to get on the high-speed from Yuling at the junction of Henan and Shaanxi. It was found that it could only shift to first and second gear. At the same time, it smelled the burning smell of the clutch friction plate.

Reluctantly stepped off the expressway and called the service station at Lingbao west exit of Lianhuo expressway. After talking about the situation, the service station said that it was not within the scope of warranty. The cost was 12000 yuan, including the new clutch plate, man hour fee, departure fee, etc. It was installed more than 6 hours later. When I packed the tools, I found a nut still on the oil tank with the screws removed. Quickly ask the repairman how to get more nuts. Is there one missing there? The repairman checked and said that all the nuts were on. I said it’s nothing if I didn’t go there now. You tell me where I didn’t go. I remember. I’ll install it next time. The repairman still said that one didn’t go less. As for an extra nut, his explanation didn’t come to mind much. Unexpectedly, he said that this nut was spare. I’m a little dizzy. Shaanxi Automobile is really considerate service. Even the nuts have spare parts. It’s good to have a spare engine whenever you want.

After the new clutch plate was replaced, it was found that it couldn’t be put into gear during the test drive. It was repaired for more than two hours, and finally it was OK. I began to go to Yichuan County, Luoyang, where I delivered the goods. When I arrived, I found that the free travel of the clutch pedal was too little, almost none, and I could still smell the burnt smell when I turned on the accelerator.

Next is the telephone connection between Sanmenxia service station, Shaanxi Automobile Henan Office and Shaanxi Automobile 400 service telephone. The key content is a dialogue with Sanmenxia service station. The other party first said that the people at Lingbao West export maintenance site service station have told that there is also a problem with the pressure plate. If it is not replaced, the clutch plate may be burned.

I told him that the real situation was that after dismantling it, I first found that the clutch plate was not working and needed to be replaced, and then I checked the pressure plate. The person at the service station said that the pressure plate was ok, and I asked whether the pressure plate needed to be replaced? He said no. At this time, the leader of Sanmenxia service station said on the phone, you said so, our maintenance workers said that, how do I know who said the truth and who said the false? Finally, he said, you are looking for trouble. Hearing this, I was speechless. Is this the intimate service of Shaanxi Automobile?

Forced Maintenance Stage

It’s 3100km. It’s time to force maintenance. I drove the car to the service station. First, when I asked about the production date of the engine, the service station replied that the service station could not explain. 400 said they were only responsible for after-sales service, but they couldn’t explain. The multi state fuel-saving switch Cummins engine is not installed. The fuel consumption statistics show that only Weichai engine has this function, Cummins didn’t. at this time, I realized that the f3000 I bought was actually a shrunk version. The dealer also lied that it was the key promotion of Shaanxi Automobile. How much is it.

However, I have learned from him about the following oil change process. First, an oil filter costs 400 yuan, while Weichai’s only 75 yuan. There is also an oil filter that is out of stock and can’t be changed now. In addition, the oil of Cummins engine is not free, Weichai’s oil is free, and the so-called high-end model recommended by Shaanxi Automobile is not as good as the low-end model, Moreover, the engine oil replaced was Weichai’s special engine oil. The two clamps of the connecting hose of the air filter were broken. The service station was out of stock. I asked myself to buy it on the street. I couldn’t do the maintenance of the lubricating oil. The forced maintenance cost a total of 1940 yuan, including 840 yuan for two barrels of engine oil, 400 yuan for one oil filter and one that hasn’t been replaced. I don’t know how much yuan, There are seven pots of gearbox and rear axle gear oil, each pot is 100 yuan, a total of 700 yuan.


From so many problems encountered in the whole article, we can imagine how anxious the car owner is. The manufacturer has a very irresponsible attitude towards products and services. From the reply of netizens in the post, we can see that some people have “seen the strange” about this phenomenon. Can the car owner only admit bad luck after spending hundreds of thousands to buy such a product?

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