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The exhaust pipe will drip, which is more common in new cars. This phenomenon occurs in both low-end cars and luxury cars.

Recently, when many car owners go to the parking lot to drive in the morning, they will find a lot of water stains on the ground. This is the reason why the car exhaust drips a lot. What is the reason for this?

Why do some exhaust pipes drip while others don’t?

In fact, to achieve this phenomenon, at least three conditions must be met:

  1. The mixture ratio of gasoline and air is correct: this means that your fuel supply system is in good condition. Whether it is injection fuel supply or carburetor fuel supply, the mixture of fuel and air is just right. This also means that your car saves fuel.
  2. High engine compression pressure: high compression pressure, which means that the cylinder has not been worn. Once the engine is worn, the cylinder pressure will become lower, and the gasoline will not burn completely, and the water will not drip if the combustion is not complete.
  3. Low exhaust pipe temperature: this means that the heat generated in your engine is concentrated in the cylinder, with little or no spillage into the exhaust pipe, which means that your engine has high horsepower output. If the exhaust pipe temperature is high, then the water vapor will not condense into water droplets.
exhaust pipe
exhaust pipe

Although it’s not a big deal, we can’t ignore everything.

In this way, some people think that the more water dripping from the exhaust pipe, the better. Small make up to remind a, if let the water drop stay in the exhaust pipe for a long time, will corrode the metal pipe.

There is a special drain hole under the motorcycle exhaust pipe, which is used to drain the water in the exhaust pipe.

A lot of friends don’t understand. The small hole is blocked and doesn’t dredge. As a result, the exhaust pipe corrodes very quickly.

When many car owners encounter the phenomenon of a lot of water dripping from the exhaust pipe, they may also see white smoke from the exhaust pipe;

This is usually the first start of a car parked in winter or rainy season, but once the engine temperature rises, the white smoke will disappear, so there is no need to worry about this situation, and there is no need to repair it.

If the exhaust pipe turns black smoke after the engine temperature rises, it indicates that the cylinder pressure is too low or individual cylinder does not work, which should be checked and eliminated.

When the engine is running, the exhaust pipe emits a lot of water vapor and white smoke. Check whether there is water in the oil tank, whether the cylinder gasket is damaged, whether the cylinder block has cracks, and whether the cylinder liner sealing ring is in good condition.

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