When The Truck Encounters Exhaust Oil Leakage
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What Should You Do When The Truck Encounters Exhaust Oil Leakage

  • What do you usually do when the car breaks down on the road?
  • A. Directly contact the nearby repair shop for rescue. Generally, they will be slaughtered;
  • B. If you choose to contact a repair shop you are familiar with, the travel cost will be too high;
  • In fact, this kind of thing is often encountered because the owner has no clear judgment ability. In fact, when receiving the driver’s rescue call,Exhaust oil leakage you will also let the owner make a preliminary judgment to facilitate the next maintenance preparation. Today, Xiaobian will tell you a classic dilemma case.
Exhaust oil leakage
  • An Auman 340 tractor, the owner of which has traveled 880000 kilometers at the age of four, walked to the desert highway near Suhongtu in 2018 and went down a 20 kilometer slow slope. The habitual inspection vehicle was parked in the empty parking lot on the roadside, and it was found that the exhaust pipe under the exhaust oil leakage was seriously dripping with oil;
  • After opening the front cover, it was found that the exhaust oil leakage hole also had serious leakage traces. After parking for an hour, pull out the dipstick and found that the oil level was seriously missing!
Exhaust oil leakage

The phenomenon of exhaust oil leakage  from the exhaust under the engine is mainly caused by two kinds of faults:

  • A: “Up channeling oil” — the damage of the four supporting parts is caused by the channeling between the cylinder wall and the piston after the failure. It is recommended to stop driving and repair in situ, otherwise the highway will break down and cause malignant consequences;
  • B: “Down channeling oil” — channeling due to excessive wear clearance between valve stem and valve guide, you can continue driving
  • There were two options:
  • 1. If it is four supporting facilities, it can only be repaired in this desolate place. What we face is the high repair cost and the repair process of “being slaughtered” for a few days.
  • 2. If the guide tube is damaged, you can continue driving until you go home to repair the valve guide tube exhaust oil leakage. The repair cost is reasonable and does not delay the journey.
  • At this time, the troubleshooting method must be used to determine the cause of the fault rationally and scientifically. Considering that the current water temperature and oil pressure of the engine are normal, the idle speed is stable, and the self replacement of the four supporting equipment has just been used for 160000 kilometers, the abnormal noise is extremely slight,exhaust oil leakage  the rear exhaust pipe does not smoke, and the power is not abnormal. It is firmly believed that there is a great chance of oil running down and pipe damag
Exhaust oil leakage
  • Although there is one detail that is very small, in this “exclusion method” analysis, the exhaust brake is not used and the oil does not drip, which is the damage of the conduit; If the exhaust brake is not used, the engine oil drops still, which is the damage of the four supporting parts.
  • start identifying problems
    In order to further diagnose the fault source exhaust oil leakage, a small bucket of 4L engine oil was added, the empty bucket was fixed at the lower exhaust pipe interface, and the driving investigation was continued.
  • In order to avoid habitual use of exhaust brake, a glove is put on the handle switch to prevent making mistakes
Exhaust oil leakage
  • After hundreds of kilometers without using the exhaust brake, it was found that the phenomenon of oil dripping from the lower exhaust disappeared and the engine did not deteriorate further, so it can be diagnosed as valve guide damage.
  • After 1000 kilometers, drive to Shaanxi Automobile Weichai service station in Hami, Xinjiang for rapid and reasonable repair. Replace all valves (ports) and pipes (oil seals). The repair is obviously small and expensive, but the engine is in good condition, the slight abnormal noise disappears and the power is restored.
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