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What Is Truck Heads?

truck heads is an engine that pulls the rest of the truck. Be it in SUVs or trailers. It is something that must be taken into consideration lest you risk having a truck that cannot perform the intended tasks efficiently. But before we go into the essential aspects of a truck head and look at the importance of a truck head, we should be in a position to know what it is. A truck head is sometimes called a towing head, and it is specifically designed to tow a trailer. In some places, you will get people referring to it as a prime mover.

The Different Types Of Truck Heads

High Roof Truck Heads
Flat Top Truck Heads
The truck head, also known as the cab, is the front portion of the truck, a space for the driver to operate and rest. The two main aspects in the design of truck head are High Roof and Flat Top.
  1. High Roof Truck Head:
    High Roof truck heads are characterized by a higher top design that provides more vertical space. This design is often used for long-haul trucks because it provides a more comfortable interior space where the driver can stand and have more freedom of movement. Additionally, a high roof truck head provides more storage space for personal belongings, tools and necessities. A high roof truck head is usually suitable for drivers who need to spend longer periods of time in the truck, such as long-distance freight drivers.
  2. Flat Top Truck Heads:
    Flat top truck heads are characterized by a flat top design with no protruding structures. Flat top truck heads have less interior space than high top truck heads. This design is primarily used for urban traffic and short-haul trucks because it is more flexible in low-space environments and can easily pass over low bridges and passages. Flat top truck heads are typically used by drivers who need to move frequently in and out of cities and compact spaces, such as delivery drivers and city sanitation truck drivers.
  • In addition to high and flat tops, there are other types of truck head designs such as Mid Roof, Stig, and Convertible Top. These designs are adapted to specific needs and uses to provide a better driving and comfort experience. Each type of truck head has its unique characteristics and applicable scenarios, and drivers can choose the most suitable truck head style according to their needs.

The Functionality Of The Truck Head

  • Mot tractors and trailers are built to carry heavy loads ad tons f cargo over long distances. So the essential thing to look for in a truck head is always the loading capacity. The coupler and kingpin of a truck head are the parts that shoulder the weight of the trailer once it is connected. The containers are not fixed with engines, so they are loaded on truck heads to be propelled.
  • The part that connects the trailer to the truck head is called a fifth wheel, which is the part that plays the role of cargo connection. This par brings forth the force that can pull up to 10 tons of cargo. When buying a truck head, it is essential to look out for this part. It always bears the maximum towing weight of the truck head.

Single Vs. Double-Truck Head


These are some of the terms used to describe truck heads. Here are their meanings.

  1. Single truck head: this is a truck head with only one differential gear. They come with six wheels and two axels.
  2. Double truck head: these ones have three axels, ten wheels, and two differential gears.

The terms single or double are only used to indicate the number of differential gears in the truck head.

What Kind Of Truck Head Is A Good Truck Head?

  • A good truck head should meet several criteria. First, it should be highly reliable and durable. This means it should be made of high-quality materials and designed to handle the demands of heavy-duty applications. A good truck front end should be sturdy and able to withstand harsh road conditions and frequent use.
  • In addition, a good truck head should have excellent performance and power. It should come with a reliable engine that provides enough horsepower and torque to handle different types of cargo and terrain. The engine should be fuel efficient, allowing businesses to reduce fuel costs and increase profitability.
  • Another important consideration is compatibility and versatility. A good truck head should be compatible with a variety of truck models and configurations, allowing the flexibility to meet specific customer requirements. It should have a modular design for ease of installation and compatibility with different parts and accessories.
  • Additionally, a good truck head should prioritize safety features. This includes advanced braking systems, stability control, enhanced visibility and other safety technologies that help prevent accidents and protect the driver, cargo and other road users.
  • Finally, as a supplier of trucks and parts, we have complete after-sales support. This includes readily available spare parts, timely maintenance services and accessible technical assistance to minimize downtime and ensure smooth operation of the truck.
  • To sum up, a good truck head should have qualities such as reliability, durability, performance, compatibility, safety features, and strong after-sales support to meet the diverse needs of customers in the trucking industry.

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