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Engine Oil Replacement And Maintenance

Engine oil replacement and maintenance

The engine is the heart of the truck and one of the core components of the it. Good maintenance can not only make the engine run safely, but also extend its service life. Today, we will talk about the replacement of the engine oil.

Engine oil, that is, engine lubricating oil, can play the role of lubricating and reducing wear, auxiliary cooling. Sealing and anti-leakage, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, shock absorption and buffering for the engine. Therefore, it is very important to change the oil in time.

In fact, how often the oil of a truck is changed is closely related to the quality of the oil. 

  1. Check the oil test paper: Take out a small amount of oil drop on the oil test paper through the oil dipstick, and then wait for the oil to completely spread on the test paper. If the edges between the diffused oil ring, precipitation ring, and diffuser ring are harder, the oil performance will degrade more severely.
  2. Hand feeling judgment: Use the fingers to grind the oil to judge. If feel particulate impurities, poor viscosity, or even astringent, you should replace it.
  3. The oil pressure is too low or too high: the oil storage is too small, causing the lubrication system to have no or little oil. Dirty or viscous oil makes the oil pump unable to absorb oil effectively. Resulting in low oil pressure;the oil viscosity is too high, the oil is deteriorated and gelled causes the fluidity of the oil to decrease. The filter element or the oil passage is blocked, etc., will cause the oil pressure Elevated. Now, the oil must be replaced in time.

If the driving mileage is too long, the physical and chemical properties of the oil will change after high temperature operation in the engine. In addition, the infiltration of external impurities and oxidation reaction will gradually lose the lubricating performance of the oil. And increase the wear rate of mechanical parts. It must be replaced in time.

Therefore, high-quality engine oil can reduce the wear of engine parts, extend the service life of the parts. And can also play a role in auxiliary cooling when the engine is working. So that the engine can always maintain the best working condition.

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