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Abnormal Engine Oil Performance? Don'T Panic. Here Are 10 Ancestral Recipes

  • The engine is the power source of the whole vehicle. When the engine is running, the oil plays the functions of lubrication, bearing and heat transfer. Once the engine oil temperature or pressure is abnormal, the engine will also have various problems.
  • Causes and solutions of abnormal engine oil performance:
  • Reason one :the engine oil temperature is too high due to insufficient oil or too high liquid level. 
  • terms of settlement :To ensure the engine oil quantity of the engine running, the oil level should be between the upper and lower scale lines of the oil scale, not too high or too low.
  • Reason two:  the engine oil pump fails and the pump oil volume is too small, resulting in insufficient oil pressure and poor heat dissipation.
  • Terms of settlement:Pay close attention to the oil pressure gauge to ensure that the oil pump is in normal working condition. If the oil pump fails, it is best to find professional maintenance personnel for repair. If you are not good at it, you may not disassemble it casually, which may backfire.
  • Reason three
    The cooling water temperature of diesel engine is too high. If the cooling water temperature is too high, the parts cannot be cooled in time to take away the heat. If the temperature of the heated parts is too high, the oil temperature will also rise.
  • Terms of settlement
    Regularly overhaul the water pump, engine oil cooler and other important components in the cooling system to ensure the normal operation of the engine cooling system.
  • Reason four
    The oil cooler is blocked, the oil pressure is insufficient, the normal heat dissipation cannot be achieved, and the oil temperature may also be too high.
  • Terms of settlement
    Check the engine oil cooler frequently and repair and replace it in time if any problem is found.
  • Reason five
    If the engine oil filter is blocked, the oil will directly enter the main oil passage through the bypass valve, and the impurities in the oil will aggravate the wear of the engine.
  • Terms of settlement
    Clean the oil filter regularly and replace the filter element to ensure its normal operation.
  • Reason six
    The piston ring is not tightly closed and the cylinder leaks, resulting in excessive crankcase ventilation. The engine oil will be discharged out of the fan with the crankcase ventilation, the amount of oil will be reduced, and the oil temperature may also be too high.
  • Terms of settlement
    Regularly check the tightness of piston ring and cylinder to avoid air leakage, – once it occurs, replace or repair it in time.
  • Reason seven
    The fit clearance of bearing bush is too large and the oil drain is too much, resulting in too low oil pressure and failure to form normal oil film. At least, it will aggravate the degree of wear, and at worst, it will damage the surface of ablative friction pair.
  • Terms of settlement
    Ensure that the fit clearance between bearing bush and journal is just, and repair problems in time.
  • Reason 8
    The engine is overloaded, resulting in water
    The oil temperature is too high.
  • Terms of settlement
    Reasonably use the engine to avoid overload operation, especially long-term overload operation, such as overload transportation, long-term overload transportation, etc. Machines, like people, also need rest time in order to work better.
  • Reason 9
    The engine assembly is too tight, the friction resistance is large during operation, the heat generated is high, and the temperature transmitted to the oil is too high, which increases the heat load of the oil and the temperature is too high.
  • Terms of settlement
    If this problem occurs in a new car or engine overhaul, it can be solved after running in for a period of time. If it is still the same after running in, go to the repair shop quickly.
  • Reason ten
    Using incorrect engine oil or inferior engine oil, the impurities in the engine oil are too large. During friction, more heat will be generated and the engine oil temperature will rise. 
  • Terms of settlement.
    Reasonably select genuine engine oil with correct grade and viscosity grade. It is best to buy it through formal channels. Don’t buy inferior products cheaply. If inferior products are used, problems will not only affect the operation, but also cause indelible damage to the vehicle.
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