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The Engine Of A Used Car Suddenly Locks Up Because Of "It"

Where there are people, there are Jianghu. Jianghu is full of swords and intrigues, and so is the second-hand car market.

On the second day of the May Day holiday, I received an emergency call from an old customer early in the morning: my car suddenly stalled halfway and couldn’t start. Now the car is parked in the middle of the road. Beidou has been broadcasting voice to let me make a payment in time. What’s the matter? The phone was burning with anxiety.

The Engine Of A Used Car Suddenly Locks Up Because Of It

Beidou Re Enters The Network Engine Of

First, I calmed the customer’s mood and recalled the details of the car: the car was a second-hand car bought by the customer in September last year. Then I raised the file and went back to the individual home. After driving for more than half a year, there has been no abnormality engine of .

Now the engine is suddenly locked, which must be caused by the engine locking procedure triggered by the GPS on the car. It’s not the car’s fault. Due to the second-hand car bought, the specific company of the GPS installed before is not clear, and how the whole car will be locked, there is no clue for a time engine of.

The Engine Of A Used Car Suddenly Locks Up Because Of It (2)

The customer was always worried because the car was parked in the middle of the road, which affected the traffic. I quickly consulted the head of Shaanxi Automobile after-sales service station. He suggested that I call Shaanxi Automobile customer service (400-880-9818) to transfer to manual service engine of.

After the phone was connected, I told the customer service about the details of the car. The customer service asked me to provide the last eight digits of the vehicle’s engine number. Soon, the customer service told me: the mortgage may be made when buying a new car. The dealer has set up anti disassembly procedures. Now the car has not been on the line for two consecutive months, resulting in car locking.

She unlocked it for me first, and then suggested that I insert a flow card to Beidou to stay online. Then I told the customer the solution, and the problem was solved soon.

The Engine Of A Used Car Suddenly Locks Up Because Of It (3)

After this event, I found that many card users only know that Beidou is needed to review the operation certificate, and usually ignore the importance of Beidou’s existence engine of.

During driving, even unplug or cut off the Beidou power line. On the one hand, Beidou provides positioning function, but also has the functions of vehicle running speed detection, overspeed and fatigue driving alarm engine of.

If there is any behavior of damaging, interfering or shielding the satellite positioning device (Beidou) during transportation, the traffic control will issue a ticket ranging from 2000 to 5000 yuan. Card friends should keep Beidou online from time to time.

The Engine Of A Used Car Suddenly Locks Up Because Of It (4)

When we card friends buy second-hand cars, we should also pay attention to: the other party (company or individual) needs to cancel the file of Beidou dash cam (delete the platform) for the operation license of second-hand vehicles, otherwise we need to contact the other party’s Beidou company to delete the platform engine of.

If the other party is unwilling to cooperate, it needs to transfer the network within the province and complain outside the province. If the process is troublesome, you can install a new Beidou and re-enter the network engine of.

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