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Why Is The Engine Of Car (41) Always Hot After Boiling?

Some vehicles have engine high temperature fault, The engine is seriously short of water (coolant), resulting in serious cylinder gasket damage. After repairing the engine, many drivers find that the vehicle is easy to be hot again. To eliminate the problem of the engine itself, there is another phenomenon that needs to be paid more attention to, that is, the “backwater” of the water tank 。 Many people mistakenly think that the backwater of the water tank is the precursor of the damage of the cylinder gasket, but there is often another problem that is easy to be ignored – the blockage of the water tank of engine of car.

The main reason for frequent high temperature is that in the engine cooling system, after the scale on the cylinder block, cylinder head and other parts falls off, it blocks the water channel to the radiator of the water tank, and it is difficult to remove it by general methods, resulting in poor circulation of the engine cooling system.

The principle of causing blockage is similar to that of boiling water in a teapot. Usually, in the process of boiling water, the metal and scale at the bottom of the teapot will be heated, physical changes will occur, and the scale will fall off. Similarly, when the engine lacks cooling water, the scale and impurities deposited on the surface of the cylinder block will fall off, and finally circulate to the upper water chamber of the water tank with the coolant, resulting in the blockage of the radiator water channel.


Usually, this kind of blockage has large impurity particles. It is difficult to completely remove it with general chemical cleaning agent. It is necessary to go to the professional water tank maintenance department. Disassemble the water tank and clean it thoroughly, that is, the “water tank”. The water tank cleaned by manual physical method has the best effect.

Xiaobian Reminder:

1 for vehicles with frequent high temperature, special attention should be paid to the cleaning and maintenance of the radiator surface. The damaged fins on the radiator surface should be repaired in time to maintain ventilation.

2. When washing the car, it is forbidden to wash the surface with high-pressure cluster water column.

3 for normal external maintenance of the water tank, neutral cleaning agent should be used. After brushing the surface, wash it with water, dry it with compressed air if necessary, and check the insect proof net during installation.

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