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Worried About The Unreliability Of National Six? Don'T Forget The Emission Warranty Period

Cummins Euro seven engine is coming! Recently, it is reported on the Internet that Cummins will supply the world’s daimlerca buses with medium displacement engines that meet the euro 7 emissions in the future. Many card users have doubts about this news. It seems that the engine technology of national six has not been recognized. Can national seven do it?

In fact, such concerns should perhaps be left to production enterprises. Of course, is there really a rumor that unreliable? and be not so of emission warranty Period.

National Six Car Can Be Used, But Also Can Be Maintained Of Emission Warranty Period

With regard to the maintenance of cars and vehicles for national VI, we talked about this topic in the previous video “can national VI trucks still eat” coarse grain “? These aspects are absolutely not good! You can’t add small oil”. Basically, we can’t count on adding small oil to national VI models emission warranty Period


In addition, in order to ensure the normal operation of the engine and post-treatment, select higher grade engine oil as much as possible, such as ck-4 engine oil, so as to avoid the failure of the post-treatment system caused by ash substances. In addition, urea also needs to select regular urea that meets the national six standards, so as to ensure that the urea quality sensor in the post-treatment system will not give abnormal alarm.

Make complaints about these topics. There are many card friends in Tucao six cars that are too delicate, and seem not to serve well. In fact, although the technology of the national six model seems more complex, as long as it is normal to keep the car according to the manufacturer’s standards, there will be no big problem with the car.

Post Processing Difficult To Serve? Warranty Period And Validity Period Shall Not Be Ignored

Even if there are problems, don’t ignore that the relevant regulations of the Sixth National Congress also involve two important information – emission warranty period and effective life period.

What is the emission warranty period? In the provisions of national emission standard VI, it is pointed out that manufacturers should ensure the materials, manufacturing process and product quality of emission related parts, so as to ensure their normal function in the effective life cycle. In short, like other goods we usually buy, if there are quality problems within a limited period of time, the manufacturer shall bear the relevant maintenance costs.

Briefly, N1 / N2 / N3 vehicle classification refers to:;

Category N1: cargo vehicles with maximum design total mass not exceeding 3500kg;

Category N2: cargo vehicles with a maximum design gross mass of more than 3500kg but not more than 12000kg;

Category N3: cargo vehicles with a maximum design gross mass exceeding 12000kg;

The emission warranty period is similar to the three guarantee period of the vehicle. In case of failure or damage due to the quality problems of the parts during the warranty period, the manufacturer shall bear the relevant maintenance costs. This is great good news for card users. If it is caused by the quality problem of the vehicle itself in the process of using the vehicle, the maintenance cost must be borne by the enterprise.

However, there is one thing to remind you. If the diesel oil with inferior small oil and unknown source is used, the dealer or enterprise may refuse to pay compensation if the post-treatment system is damaged in the later stage.

In addition, have you noticed? In this table, there is also an effective life period, which is similar to the life of the whole vehicle. This is the requirement of emission regulations for manufacturers. Compared with the national five models, the aftertreatment durability requirements are longer, almost covering the service life of the whole vehicle.


Why do people think guoliuche is unreliable? On the one hand, the investment time of products at this stage is not long. Indeed, the after-sales service has not been fully popularized, which is a gap compared with the four countries and five countries. On the other hand, the relevant supporting facilities may not be very mature, and the national six fuel has not yet fully formed its coverage.

However, on the whole, the G6 model is not as unreliable as expected. After all, no one is willing to smash their own signboard because of “emission”. What’s more, enterprises need to constantly practice their internal skills and speed up the training of relevant G6 after-sales service skills as much as possible, so as to make the car easy to drive and more powerful guarantee.

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