Interaction Between Netizens And Heavy Truck Egr Engine
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A Little Episode Of Interaction Between Netizens And Heavy Truck Egr Engine

In 2008, sinotruk achieved the national III emission information by launching EGR mechanical engine, and occupied the domestic Euro III heavy-duty diesel engine market in advance. Although this technology was developed in Europe and America 10 years ago, it still caused an uproar in the domestic heavy-duty vehicle market.

Maintenance Of Engine Cylinder

EGR engine has been on the market for several months. How about the use of car owners?

The “netizen” above is a large transportation user. Many factors have been taken into account when he can make up his mind to buy EGR engines. Many problems of the 10 heavy truck 375ps EGR engines he used after the first warranty may represent some problems of heavy truck’s “Electronic EGR engine” in the market!

In view of the high-pressure oil pipe burst, insufficient power, black smoke, green smoke, high fuel consumption and cylinder shortage of the user’s engine in use, we roughly sorted out the analysis ideas:

1. The possible factors for the bursting of the high-pressure oil pipe of the engine include improper material selection of the oil pipe (low fatigue strength), hidden stress concentration at the processing of the pipe joint of the oil pipe, oil hole blockage of the fuel injector, resulting in the pressure of the oil pipe exceeding its fatigue limit.

2. Insufficient power, black smoke and high fuel consumption may be caused by insufficient air intake of the engine, decreased fuel injection pressure of the injector, lax closing of the EGR valve, failure of the intake pressure sensor, failure of the pre stroke regulator, deviation of the engine oil supply advance angle, lax sealing of the engine valve, overload, etc.

3. There are two possible factors for soot emission. One is due to the existence of exhaust gas recirculation. When the control system deviates, the EGR rate changes. In addition, the ash removal effect of lubricating oil is low, and there are many visible particles in the combustion products; The other is due to the high sulfur content of the fuel, which may lead to slight corrosion and wear of the parts, excessive matching in the cylinder and slight oil pumping.


4. The main reason for the lack of cylinder is that it may be caused by the blockage of the oil nozzle.


Therefore, we suggest that friends who use EGR engine must pay attention to the following points:


1. Try to use low sulfur fuel and higher grade lubricating oil (CI or CJ grade).

2. Correct the fuel injection pressure of fuel injector when the engine is running for 700 hours (mileage is about 35000km) (the fuel injection pressure of fuel injector of heavy duty EGR engine is 33mpa)

3. Use high-quality air filter with low resistance and large flow.

4. Clean the EGR pipeline after the vehicle runs for 50000km.

In addition, the handling measures for the failure of the electric control pre stroke mechanism in case of emergency are attached

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