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Abnormal Engine Shutdown: Ecu Can Change The Program Without Disorder

Hello, masters. In the past, we talked about problems such as not being able to hit the car, not adding oil, limiting the maximum speed of the engine, powerlessness and so on. Today, let’s talk about the abnormal flameout of the engine. First of all, I would like to thank Master Guo Weiwu from Tangshan for his case. Without much to say, I will enter the theme.

Abnormal Engine Shutdown Ecu Can Change The Program Without Disorder

Model: North Benz

Engine model: Weichai WP10 three hundred and seventy-five

Emission standard: Guosan

Fuel injection: Bosch high pressure common rail


Fault phenomenon: irregular flameout

Fault Phenomenon Of Ecu

The driver reported that the car had been repaired repeatedly for three months. It stalled occasionally. It can be started immediately after stalling. When it’s good, it’s all right once a week, sometimes once a day, and it’s irregular. It has been repaired. The oil circuit is related, and the ECU is powered separately. All the faults have not been eliminated. When the engine stalls, the engine loses power, and the steering system also loses power due to the engine stalling, However, many maintenance failures have not improved, and the flameout is becoming more and more frequent, so it can no longer drive normally of Ecu.

Troubleshooting Steps

Read the fault code with C80, as shown in the figure below.

Abnormal Engine Shutdown Ecu Can Change The Program Without Disorder (2)

There are many fault codes. There is only one visual inspection that can affect the flameout. The oil circuit is not considered temporarily (the car can be started immediately after the flameout, and there is no difficulty in starting. The flameout caused by the oil circuit requires the vehicle to be placed for several minutes or the oil pump can be started). The ECU power-off and self-protection are mainly considered.

Visual inspection is the last 02e2. Masters, think about it. Driving flameout will endanger driving safety, so there will be no fault code of forced flameout in the control strategy of the main engine factory. The fault of “start stop switch stuck” is generally the start stop switch under the vehicle, but the vehicle model does not match this switch, The query circuit diagram is as follows of Ecu.

Abnormal Engine Shutdown Ecu Can Change The Program Without Disorder (3)

Unplug the ECU plug and the k32 and K47 pins are empty. That’s strange. I had no idea for a moment. I asked the driver and learned that the ECU of the car was burned due to electric welding a few months ago. At that time, I replaced a new ECU and casually brushed a data. It’s not difficult to understand.

Decisively calibrated the start and stop switches in the calibration function, shielded the function, and repaired all current fault codes. After a few days of follow-up, the driver reported that the car did not turn off and the fault was eliminated.

Maintenance Experience

Because the car is brushed with the data with the off vehicle start switch, when the circuit at the output end of the ECU is short circuited, that is, the fifth fault, resulting in the loss of power supply to the internal module of the ECU, the main relay 2 is short circuited to the ground, and at the same time, it is reported that the off vehicle start stop switch is stuck, and the vehicle stalls. Each master may give priority to the off vehicle stop switch when repairing the abnormal stalled vehicle.

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