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Factory Price Of Sinotruk Drive Axle Truck System Parts Price in 2023

Drive Axle Truck 100% Ex-Factory Price Of Sinotruk Parts For Sale in 2023
No. Application Part Name Part No. Price
1 Drive axle Left brake shoe assembly- Drive Axle Truck AZ9761451160 ¥180.00
2 Drive axle Brake shoe assembly- Drive Axle Truck 711-50200-6880 ¥190.00
3 Drive axle Right brake shoe assembly- Drive Axle Truck AZ7117451221 ¥180.00
4 Drive axle Slotted nut M100X1.5- Drive Axle Truck 712W90620-0092 ¥26.56
5 Drive axle Rear wheel hub assembly- Drive Axle Truck 812-35700-6130 ¥2,080.00
6 Drive axle Sensor bracket assembly- Drive Axle Truck 811W35440-5015 ¥13.48
7 Drive axle Wheel hub bearing housing (DU2133140) 812W93420-6097 ¥730.29
8 Drive axle ABS gear ring- Sinotruk Drive Axle Truck 812W35702-0001 ¥28.90
9 Drive axle O-ring- Sinotruk Drive Axle Truck WG7117349101 ¥7.49
10 Drive axle M22X1. 5X82 wheel hub bolt- Sinotruk Drive Axle Truck 810W45501-0174 ¥7.80
11 Drive axle Oil seal assembly- Sinotruk Drive Axle Truck WG7117329018 ¥39.03
12 Drive axle Clamping nut- Sinotruk Drive Axle Truck 810W90685-0303 ¥12.16
13 Drive axle Tapered roller bearing 31313- Sinotruk Drive Axle Truck 810W93420-0097 ¥114.99
14 Drive axle Brake air chamber 24/24 (total length 285)- Sinotruk Drive Axle Truck 812W50410-6886 ¥390.05
15 Drive axle Brake pad assembly- Sinotruk Drive Axle Truck WG9100444150 ¥134.51
16 Drive axle Bolt with cylindrical head and hexagon socket Q218B1690TF2 ¥15.00
17 Drive axle Left brake gap auto adjusting arm WG7129450001 ¥145.00
18 Drive axle Right brake clearance auto adjusting arm WG7129450002 ¥145.00
19 Drive axle Oil seal- Sinotruk Drive Axle Truck 201V96501-0574 ¥28.00
20 Drive axle Combination oil seal assembly- Drive Axle Truck WG9981320036 ¥28.00
21 Drive axle Main pin shaft- Sinotruk Drive Axle Truck WG4071415005 ¥70.01
22 Drive axle Driving force tapered roller bearing AZ400741710005 ¥31.90
23 Drive axle O-ring- Sinotruk Drive Axle Truck AZ9003070034 ¥0.53
24 Drive axle Brake disc (Z3)- Sinotruk Drive Axle Truck WG4071443003 ¥474.19
25 Drive axle Clamping Nut- Sinotruk Drive Axle Truck WG4075418015 ¥18.40
26 Drive axle Wheel bearing unit- Sinotruk Drive Axle Truck WG4071418068 ¥1,006.06
27 Drive axle Thrust ring- Sinotruk Drive Axle Truck WG4007410065 ¥10.95
28 Drive axle Brake pad assembly- Sinotruk Drive Axle Truck WG9100443050 ¥114.30
29 Drive axle Large Washer- Sinotruk Drive Axle Truck Q40208F31 ¥0.50
30 Drive axle Large washers- Sinotruk Drive Axle Truck Q40205 ¥0.50
31 Drive axle Flat washers- Sinotruk Drive Axle Truck Q40106F31 ¥0.50
32 Drive axle Clevis pins- Sinotruk Drive Axle Truck Q5006370 ¥1.00
33 Drive axle Active bevel gear inner bearing 810W32499-0192 ¥245.56
34 Drive axle Hexagon socket cheese head screws Q218B0830 ¥0.35
35 Drive axle Half shaft 711W35502-0149 ¥376.13
36 Drive axle Hexagon head bolts Q151C1225TF2 ¥0.39
37 Drive axle Spring washers Q40312 ¥0.07
38 Drive axle Thrust bearing WG4007410049 ¥35.53
39 Drive axle Spring washers Q40314 ¥1.00
40 Drive axle Hexagon head bolts M8 ZQ150B0816 ¥1.00
41 Drive axle Spring washers Q40308 ¥1.00
42 Drive axle Hexagon head bolts M18*1.5 ZQ151B1855TF2 ¥3.00
43 Drive axle Hexagonal thin nuts Q351B14T15 ¥1.50
44 Drive axle Hexagon head bolts M16*1.5 ZQ151B1660T32F6 ¥3.06
45 Drive axle Front wheel bolts WG9100410212 ¥11.00
46 Drive axle Hexagon head bolt M24*2 ZQ151B24155TF6 ¥10.48
47 Drive axle Type 2 hexagon nuts M24*2 ZQ361B24T13F6 ¥2.30
48 Drive axle Hexagon head bolt M24*2 ZQ151B24205TF6 ¥13.26
49 Drive axle Bolts WG9925520696 ¥40.92
50 Drive axle Hexagon head bolt M16*1.5 ZQ151B16100 ¥2.28
51 Drive axle Washers WG9725680030 ¥1.58
52 Drive axle Self-locking nuts 190003888459 ¥1.00
53 Drive axle Finger of drag linkage WG9761450150 ¥9.97
54 Drive axle Video clip WG9761450120 ¥10.30
55 Drive axle Roller sleeve WG9761450121 ¥3.25
56 Drive axle Brake friction plate(410×220) WG9761450185 ¥25.38
57 Drive axle Rivet connection WG9231340068 ¥0.44
58 Drive axle Bushing of the pin sleeve of the drag link WG9761450151 ¥3.95
59 Drive axle Return spring pin 710W50211-0031 ¥1.85
60 Drive axle Pressure spring-Drive Axle Truck 810W97602-0893 ¥1.37
61 Drive axle Diaphragm spring brake air chamber L=220-Drive Axle Truck WG9000360663 ¥203.57
62 Drive axle Right steering knuckle assembly- Drive Axle Truck AZ4095410006 ¥1,200.00
63 Drive axle Main pin WG4095415002 ¥66.77
64 Drive axle Drive tapered roller bearing WG9925410090 ¥53.12
65 Drive axle Main pin cover assembly AZ4007410061 ¥10.00
66 Drive axle O-ring O-ring seal WG4007410069 ¥0.79
67 Drive axle Elastic locking hole gasket Q43068 ¥0.90
68 Drive axle One-way O-ring for rotary steering knuckle WG4095415011 ¥3.12
69 Drive axle Steering knuckle rod WG4007410031 ¥113.24
70 Drive axle Front wheel hub assembly (ABS)- Drive Axle Truck AZ4075410040 ¥578.94
71 Drive axle O-ring for axle-Drive Axle Truck WG4095415044 ¥35.61
72 Drive axle Tapered Roller Bearings WG9100032314 ¥105.40
73 Drive axle Tapered Roller Bearings WG9100032311 ¥60.10
74 Drive axle Thrust ring WG4095415035 ¥5.19
75 Drive axle Clamping nuts WG4095415012 ¥11.72
76 Drive axle Brake Drum WG4075450001 ¥469.38
77 Drive axle Front wheel hub assembly AZ4075410042 ¥561.27
78 Drive axle ABS Gear Ring WG4095415009 ¥25.96
79 Drive axle Front Hub WG4075410045 ¥370.04
80 Drive axle Wheel Bolt WG9100410104 ¥6.38
81 Drive axle Left brake camshaft-Drive Axle Truck WG4075450055 ¥71.22
82 Drive axle Brake automatic clearance adjustment lever-Drive Axle Truck WG4075450061 ¥162.33
83 Drive axle Brake friction pad (410×160) WG4075450160 ¥21.31
84 Drive axle Right brake camshaft-Drive Axle Truck WG4075450056 ¥71.22
Parts Of Drive Axle Truck And Their Functions

The drive axle is a critical component of the heavy-duty truck’s powertrain system. It transfers the power generated by the engine to the wheels, providing the necessary torque required to move the truck. The drive axle assembly consists of several components, including the differential, axle shafts, gears, and bearings.

1. Differential

The differential is a complex mechanism that allows the drive wheels to rotate at different speeds, enabling the truck to make turns without causing undue stress on the drivetrain. The differential uses a series of gears, typically hypoid gears, to allow for different speeds while keeping the wheels in sync.

2. Axle Shafts

The axle shafts are a critical component of the drive axle assembly, and they transmit power from the differential to the drive wheels. Heavy-duty truck axle shafts are made of high-strength materials like chromoly steel or hardened alloy steel to endure the strain required for the transfer of power.

3. Gears

Gears are an essential part of the drive axle assembly and are responsible for transmitting power at different speeds from the engine to the wheels. Heavy-duty truck drive axles may have different gear ratios depending on their intended usage. For instance, a truck meant for heavy-duty hauling applications may have a lower gear ratio for increased torque, while a truck intended for long-haul transportation may have a higher gear ratio for better fuel efficiency.

4. Bearings

Bearings are an essential part of any moving machinery, and a heavy-duty truck drive axle is no exception. The bearings keep the gears and bearings in place and reduce friction between them, making them last longer and perform better.

5. Yokes and Flanges

The drive axle assembly features yokes and flanges that connect the drive shaft to the differential and the wheels. These parts allow for smooth and synchronized movement between the different components of the drive axle assembly.

6. Seals and Gaskets

Seals and gaskets are critical components of the drive axle assembly that prevent lubricant leaks. These parts protect the gears, bearings, and other components from excessive wear and tear due to insufficient lubrication.

  • In conclusion, the drive axle assembly is a complex mechanism with many critical components that are necessary for a heavy-duty truck to perform correctly. These parts include the differential, axle shafts, gears, bearings, yokes, flanges, seals, and gaskets. Regular maintenance of these components is necessary for the longevity, safety, and performance of the truck. 
  • Following the manufacturer’s recommendations on servicing intervals is important to ensure that these parts are functioning correctly. Any damage or concern with these parts should be promptly addressed by a qualified technician to avoid further damage to the truck.
Good Feedback of Drive Axle Truck
  • Economy: The ultra-wide range of low fuel consumption and high torque of the engine, the high performance and high input torque of ZF transmission, the high transmission efficiency and low gear ratio of the drive axle, and the low wind resistance of the cab enable the truck to maintain the tolerance of low fuel consumption driving and achieve unparalleled driving comfort.
  • Reliability: The original MAN TG technology, the same product design, production and assembly process, as well as the application of the important supporting parts of the engine and the world’s top components of the chassis, jointly ensure the high reliability of the whole vehicle.
  • Safety: The truck has the active and passive safety of the world’s top heavy truck.
  • Comfort: high-performance shift operation and pneumatic steering wheel adjustment, large-span non-leaf spring, optimized full-floating cab suspension, air seat with lumbar cushion.
Product Assembly of Sitrak Parts

The Sinotruk Sitrak model is elegant, comfortable and safe. Its design also reflects humanization. It is the most popular model in the heavy truck market, and its market share has reached the level of world-class heavy trucks.

Sinotruk Sitrak cab can reduce the overall equipment quality of the truck, thus greatly improving the mobility of the truck. Wide vision, becoming the mainstream of the cab

Axle with high bearing capacity

The design of fewer leaf springs at the front and rear of our axle has realized innovation in technology and engineering. Durability, fuel efficiency and noise performance are the spokesmen of Sinotruk Sitrak axle.


High reliability, Surging Power, Low Consumption
Lightweight, long service life, advanced German technology, suitable for various complex road conditions, low maintenance and use costs.


Classic, Mature and Reliable
Sinotruk Sitrak series transmissions are adopted, offering high capacity and reliable quality.
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