How Can Dpf Be Used To Save Money?-2 most important aspects
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It Takes Nearly A Thousand To Clean The Ash Once? How Can Dpf Be Used To Save Money?

China National Heavy Duty Truck is becoming more and more popular, “National Six” is the truck drivers drive the most trucks, today from “what to pay attention to in the process of using the truck, how to maintain, how much the cost will be” these aspects to talk about the DPF this national six-year plan after processing A small part. What are its benefits and how does a vehicle meet the National 6 emission standard?


Achieve National Five Emission Without Urea

  • It should be no stranger to realize the national five-emission DPF without urea. In the previous national five, the post-treatment of many trucks was the DPF route, which can achieve the national five emission standards without urea. After the implementation of the national six emission standards, vehicles should not only add but also start adding urea.
  • It is a ceramic filter installed in the emission system of a diesel engine. It can capture particles through the surface and internal filtering devices, such as diffusion precipitation, inertial precipitation or linear interception. Can effectively purify 70% – 90% particles in exhaust gas. It is one of the most effective and direct methods to purify diesel particulate matter.
  • Although this system is very efficient, with the increase of service time, it will collect more and more particles, which will block the exhaust pipe to a certain extent, resulting in the poor exhaust and affecting the engine power.
  • It like diesel filters and mechanical filters, are maintenance parts. The difference is that diesel filters and mechanical filters are replaced directly after reaching the maintenance mileage. The purchase cost of it is much higher than that of diesel filters and mechanical filters. Maybe the total cost of replacing the diesel filter and mechanical filter in the whole life cycle of a truck is equivalent to one DPF. If the it is replaced at the mileage like the diesel filter and mechanical filter, it is estimated that no one can afford the truck.
It Takes Nearly A Thousand To Clean The Ash Once How Can Dpf Be Used To Save Money

Therefore, after the DPF reaches the maintenance mileage, some maintenance measures can be taken, one is DPF regeneration, and the other is DPF ash removal.

How To Extend Dpf Life?

  • Under normal conditions, as long as the exhaust temperature is in the range of 220-440 ℃, the regeneration process can occur naturally without human intervention. However, when the particulate matter accumulates to a certain extent and cannot be handled by itself, it is necessary to manually control the active regeneration. 

There will be a regeneration button in the truck. After it is turned on, the engine will improve the work efficiency and temperature, so as to burn the accumulated particulate matter of it.

  1. At the same time, in addition to particulate matter, ash will be generated on the DPF, which will also there is no way to remove it through regeneration, so it must be cleaned manually. When it comes to labor, it’s about collecting money. According to the ash removal center, the vehicle needs maintenance after running about 30 kilometers, and the cost of cleaning is about 800-1000 yuan.
  2. Of course, a 30 km maintenance is not a mandatory requirement, and the ash cleaning cycle of still depends on personal use. There are three factors affecting the state of it: Diesel sulfur content, engine oil quality and engine oil consumption.
  3. The sulfur content in diesel oil has a great impact on the efficiency of unit. When the sulfur content increases from 3mg / L to 30mg / L, the purification efficiency of PM decreases from 95% to 70%. In addition, for the ceramic material DPF coated with precious metals such as platinum, the sulfur in the exhaust will poison the precious metals and quickly inactivate, resulting in the failure of regeneration of the filter.

Diesel engines burn oil during operation. The oil in the crankcase is transmitted to the oil filter through the oil pump, and most of the oil surfaces on the lubricating surface are Liu Hui crankcases.

  • Part of it enters the combustion chamber and enters the exhaust system with a barrel of waste gas after combustion. When entering the DPF, due to the large internal resistance, the flow resistance will also increase, and the residue of engine oil will be deposited. 
  • Therefore, the quality of engine oil is very important.

Fuel consumption also has an impact on it. Under the same conditions, the higher the fuel consumption, the more tail gas to be treated by DPF, and the greater the impact.

  1.  Use diesel oil with low sulfur content.
  2.  Use high-quality engine oil.
  3.  Minimize vehicle fuel consumption.
Postscript Of dpf
  • It is only one part of the post-processing of national VI. the minimum three guarantee period for key emission parts of national VI products is 5 years or 160000 km. According to the above data, cleaning basically needs to pay for itself.
  • Of course, it doesn’t mean that all need 800-1000 yuan. There must be a gap in prices according to different brands and service stations. It should be noted that 800-1000 yuan is only the cost of cleaning. If it is damaged due to improper use, it will be added to the cost of replacement.
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