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Coachman Online: Case Analysis Of Dongfeng Tianlong'S Failure To Land

Coachman Online Case Analysis Of Dongfeng Tianlong'S Failure To Land

Fault Phenomenon Of Dongfeng Tianlong'S :

  • when the ignition lock is turned to the starting gear, Dongfeng Tianlong engine cannot be started of Dongfeng Tianlong’S.
  • There are the following failure modes:
  • Mode 1: there is no fault display on the instrument LCD, and the engine cannot be started. Common faults are oil circuit failure, unclean exhaust or frozen fuel.
  • Or the instrument LCD displays: “communication failure between instrument and vecu” and “communication failure between instrument and eecu”
  • Troubleshooting: if the above two faults occur at the same time, it means that neither vecu nor eecu is working, and most of them are power supply faults of Dongfeng Tianlong’S
  • 1. Check whether vecu wiring 0401 is energized and whether the power relay acts after the ignition lock is turned on.
  • 2. Check whether the grounding wires of vecu and eecu are normal, especially the grounding wire of eecu should be connected to the negative terminal of the starter.
  • Mode 2: the instrument displays “communication failure between the instrument and eecu” and “the controller has not received the can message from eecu”
  • Troubleshooting: the above two faults indicate that eecu has not sent can message.
  • 1. Check whether eecu is powered on and whether 25A fuse is burnt out
  • 2. Check whether the CAN bus connection is correct. Use a multimeter to measure whether the resistance between canh (yellow line) and canl (green line) is 60 Ω.
  • 3. If the above two checks are normal, it can be judged that the eecu itself is faulty, and it is recommended to replace the eecu.
  • Note: generally, the instrument damage will not affect the engine start, but will affect the normal driving of the vehicle. The engine speed is limited below 1104rpm. In this case, it is recommended to read the fault of the electronic control system through the diagnostic instrument. At present, the engine cannot be started due to instrument damage has not been found!
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